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Thursday, September 04, 2008

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What To Expect From BYU

BYU is going to come into Husky Stadium with the full knowledge that a possible national championship is on the line. Washington needs to mentally prepared because they are playing a team on a mission - no pun intended.

BYU is currently ranked 15th in the country which puts them in a very good position to play in the national championship game if they go undefeated. Beating out of conference opponents Washington and UCLA will vault them into the top ten early this year. The biggest obstacle in conference will be beating rival Utah who just finished off Michigan in the Big House last weekend.

BYU is going to run and throw the ball at the Huskies using one of the more potent offenses the Dawgs will face this season. Max Hall is a big time QB who has good mobility, touch, and accuracy. He completed over 60% of his passes last season. He will be surrounded by a lot of age and experience since the majority of BYU players sat out two years to go on a mission.

We saw what happened to Washington last week going up against a team with twice as much as experience. This week the Huskies go up against an experienced team that is a couple of years older on average. Washington is going to have to grow up quite a bit in only one week to be able to stick with these guys.

The key on defense is going to be trying to hold the Cougars under 30 points. BYU is going to get there points against almost every opponent this year. If Washington plays defense like they did last week the over and under on this one might be over 70 points with the Cougars picking 40-50 of them.

The key on offense is to score more points than the Cougars. That is easier said than done after the dismal offensive performance Washington had last week against Oregon. Look for Bronco Mendenhall to take a cue from Bellotti and stack the box to open the game.

Washington faced the number two defense in my opinion in the Pac Ten last weekend and was shut down three quarters of the game. BYU's defense won't be as good as Oregon's, but they really don't have to be until Washington shows it can burn teams for stacking the box. Jake is going to have to show he can win the game with his arm. It is crucial that Washington comes out attacking through the air to loosen up the BYU defense.

Breaking Down BYU

The BYU offense is led by Max Hall who had a good debut season as the starting quarterback for the Cougars, throwing for 3,848 yards, 26 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. If he makes the progress that many signal callers make heading into their second year running the show, the BYU offense will be very hard to stop.

Receiver Austin Collie returned from his mission last year and immediately became Hall’s favorite target. This year should be even better for Collie, but Hall will have plenty of other options. Tight end Dennis Pitta is a superb pass catcher and a nice target in the redzone and Luke Ashworth and Spencer Hafoka both had great springs after coming back from their missions and should compliment Collie at the wideout spots quite well.

On defense replacing a majority of the secondary and a few starting linebackers is tops on the list of things to do for BYU. Corners Brandon Howard and Scott Johnson have some experience, but they will be tested for the first time this week against Washington.

Making matters more disheartening is the loss of linebackers Kelly Poppinga, Bryan Kehl and Markell Staffieri. Those will not be easy guys to replace and that will put a lot of pressure on some inexperienced players. Former tight end Vic So’oto might find himself in a starting role and Matt Bauman has to prove that he is ready for a full time starting position.

While the back eight has some issues that need addressed, the defense has its leader with Jan Jorgensen. As a sophomore, Jorgensen tallied 14 sacks and 20 tackles for loss. As an upperclassman, and one of the more experienced players on the team, he will be asked to be a leader as well as a sack machine. And as long as the front line can get pressure, the secondary will have some time to adjust.

What do I think?

I had this game marked as a possible "W" before the season began. BYU does not have the horses Oregon does on defense so Washington should be able to move the ball better on Saturday. It is much easier to play a ranked opponent at home than on the road so figure that Husky Stadium is going to give these guys a big boost.

If the UW defense can put together four good quarters and keep the Cougars under thirty points I think the Huskies win this one. The question is when was the last time the UW defense put together four good quarters?

Win this one and the ugliness of the second half against Oregon becomes a faded memory.

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UW Notes - Fogerson Moves to Safety

Fogerson Moves to Safety

Johri Fogerson has moved over to safety where he will be given the chance to play right away. the coaches feel that he is one of the better athletes on the team and they need to get him on the field. It will take Johri a few weeks to get the position down so don't expect him to get extensive playing time until after the bye week.

The coaches feel that Fogerson has the talent to possibly be a two way player in the future if needed, but for now his future will be as a second team safety.

Last years starter Jason Wells who suffered a knee injury last fall is likely going to redshirt this year. I think it makes a lot of sense to be patient and get him back to 100%. Wells is one of the better safeties in the league when healthy.

Victor Aiyewa has been recovering from a groin pull suffered late in camp. The coaches love the way Vic can lay the lumber but they feel he is still a little green to start. Senior Darin Harris has been running opposite Sophomore Nate Williams.

Walk-on Tripper Johnson actually started last week against Oregon as a third safety. The NCAA has granted him an extra year of eligibility which means he is currently a sophomore with two years more to play. Johnson is obviously a mature player at 26 year old who will continue to get better. No matter how well he does UW won't have to put him on scholarship because his former MLB team is paying for all his college expenses.

Injury Report

Washington players didn't suffer anything more than the usual bumps and bruises this past week. TE Mike Gottleib who didn't make the trip is now probable for BYU.

Jake Locker will have another full week to get his timing down with his receivers in practice. he still isn't 100% but did not suffer any setbacks against the Ducks.

Bellotti Gives Willingham Vote of Confidence

You might have read in the newspapers yesterday that Oregon coach Mike Bellotti gave UW coach Ty Willingham a vote of confidence in his post game press conference saying it is way too early for people to think of making a change.

Don James said the same thing tongue in cheek about Cal's Joe Kapp. James wanted Kapp to be named coach for life of the Bears.

In college football the Devil you know is much better than the Devil you don't know especially if you have been beating the crap out of the Devil you do know. I can't imagine a coach in the Pac Ten who would want to see Willingham go because he represents an almost automatic win on the schedule.

Mike Bellotti wants Ty Willingham to be named coach of the Huskies for life.

Lappano to open up playbook

I hate to be critical but how many of you did a double take when Tim Lappano said he was going to open up the playbook for BYU this week?

You are telling me that you went into a conference game with eight months to prepare and you didn't have your complete playbook at your disposal? Was that the reason your team wasn't able to figure out the nine in a box alignment that Oregon used to shut down your offense?

This game reminded me a lot of the 2003 opener against Ohio State except this Oregon team is certainly not as good as the 2003 tOSU team. Both games had plenty in common because Washington was completely shut down and ran out of the stadium.

It is only game one and our coaching staff is grasping at straws and this team is drifting back to a 2003 state of development.

This is going to get pretty ugly if it isn't turned around in week two.

Brigham Young's quest for perfection

Welcome to week two!

How many of you tuned in to watch Utah beat dominate Michigan in the Big House last Saturday? Utah is a pretty good team but BYU which plays Washington this weekend is picked to win the conference and challenge for a BCS bowl berth. The stars are aligned in such a way that the Cougars could be playing for all the marbles at the end of the season if they beat UW and UCLA. If they win those two non conference games Utah is probably the biggest hurdle in achieving an undefeated season.

Before the season I circled this as a winnable game and it still is if the Huskies can rebound from last weeks disaster. They say the greatest amount of improvement a team can make is in the weeks between the first and third game. Obviously the Huskies have a lot of room to improve and the talent on the roster to do it with.

One thing that has to emerge this week is team speed. The Huskies looked very slow against Oregon which was a surprise because we were supposed to be a lot faster this season. One thing that makes you look slow is not knowing your assignments well enough. That hesitation when you have to think about what you have to do next is a problem that all young teams have. It keeps the team from playing on all cylinders. If you look at the game film you will notice that Washington didn't have a mistake free play on either side of the ball last weekend.

If Washington is going to beat BYU they are going to have to play together better as a team. A better game plan plus some real game day adjustments from the coaching staff would be a big plus.

Another big key to winning this game would be to hit the playing field with emotion. Washington was flat last week in the first quarter against Oregon and it helped the Ducks run out to a 14 point lead which easily could have turned into 28. You have to figure that this team should be pumped up to play an opener in Husky Stadium against a nationally ranked opponent. If they aren't there is something seriously wrong with the leadership of the program.

Husky quote of the week

This one comes from Jordan White-Frisbee and it really sums up what happened last Saturday.

"With as many in the box as they had, it's going to be hard to run against anybody," White-Frisbee said. "We expected to dominate physically and they dominated us scheme-wise. They played smarter than we did."

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Pillow Fighting

One critic of former UW Rick Neuheisel used to tell me that his practices looked like a pillow fight. That was an obvious reference to the lack of structure, hitting, and tackling going on during practice not to mention the rock music and Popsicle breaks. Teams eventually play like they practice and Rick's teams were on a downward spiral when he was fired. Rick actually recognized the problem and was about to correct it because he felt his team was beginning to lack toughness.

A good friend of mine who watches UW practices told me that if you think Neuheisel's practices were non physical you should see Willingham's. He felt the structure and organization was better but he questions if this team will ever learn to be physical and tackle well if they aren't allowed to do it in practice every day.

Ninety-nine percent of Ty Willingham's practices have been closed since he hit campus. The reason insiders say is because he does not want to be open for criticism about the way he does things. Truth be told the Huskies rarely tackle and scrimmage full bore at practice these days and it shows on Saturdays. It is hard to expect a team to tackle well if they don't do it in practice.

Don James and Jim Lambright had a completely different philosophy about practice. They used to scrimmage, and do a lot of hitting. You worry about injuries but it was the only way to get a team ready to play on Saturday. If you could survive practice with those two warriors surviving a game wasn't as much of a challenge.

Willingham takes more of an NFL approach to practice. If you have ever been to a Seahawk's practice you notice that it is more about teaching and preparation than it is about being physical. The health of the 53 man roster during an 18 week long season is paramount.

We all understand that Ty wants to keep his so called bullets healthy, but how can you expect these kids to light it up in games when they are not allowed to do it in practice? I think you need to accept the risk if you are going to build a solid college football team. You may have some disappointing injuries along the way but overall your program is going to win more games and be tougher.

How would Don James respond to last weeks Oregon game if he was in charge? It wouldn't be pretty. They would be scrimmaging all week till they got it right in addition to running gassers till they puked.

The top team on the West coast and arguably the best team in the country over the last ten years beats up on itself every day in practice. Most of those practices happen to be open to fans and media. Pete Carroll of USC has this crazy idea that if you don't practice what you are supposed to do Monday thru Friday you aren't going to do it on Saturday.

Like the Huskies of old the toughest team USC plays each week during the season is its second team. In Carroll’s seven years at USC, the Trojans have gone 76-14, been to six BCS bowl games, won two national championships and produced 30 All-American first-teamers.

Don't you think this guy might know what he is doing?

Monday, September 01, 2008

Good to be Back at UCLA Baby

Rick Neuheisel didn't wait long to get his first signature win at UCLA. In his debut the Bruins upset Tennessee 27-24 in overtime.

Quarterback Kevin Craft rallied UCLA twice in the fourth quarter after four first-half interceptions. Craft was sensational after halftime Monday night in guiding UCLA to an unlikely win over No. 18 Tennessee.

Rick Neuheisel's homecoming couldn't have gone much better in the Rose Bowl.

Personally I am surprised by the result. UCLA's defense looked great tonight against a supposedly superior SEC team. Never bet against a Rick Neuheisel coached team. He knows how to get his team prepared and up for a big game.

Beating Nine in the Box

I was surprised when Washington came out in a 3-3-5 nickel defense with three safeties in the first quarter against Oregon. The Huskies reaction to fearing the deep ball is still to stay back rather than mount an attack on the QB from the line of scrimmage. Does that philosophy come from Willingham or is it the defense Donatell really wanted to run? I can't understand the philosophy of not putting pressure on Oregon's young QB's.

Oregon on the other hand came out and played a nine in the box defense. The nine in the box defense consists of four defensive linemen, four linebackers, and a safety that all line up near the line of scrimmage. What this defense does is sell out completely to stop the run. Oregon can run this defense with confidence because the defensive backfield still consisted of Chung, Thurmond, and Byrd who are among the nations best at their positions.

Washington's strength is the run even though that was hard to believe on Saturday night. Locker is a very mobile threat and I think Brandon Johnson, and Chris Polk are going to be very good running backs. Washington however is never going to move the ball on the ground if teams continue to stack the line of scrimmage.

How do you beat the nine in the box?

You beat nine in the box by calling a play action fake and throwing deep!

If your opponent respects your ability to throw deep it will pull them out of the alignments which will allow you to run the ball.

What Washington needs to do before next Saturday is to develop a deep passing game which will make opposing defenses pay for loading it up on the line of scrimmage.

This is easier said than done because you have a starting QB that simply isn't very accurate at long range yet. He also is out of sync with his WR's because he spent most of camp on the sidelines with an injured hamstring. Those WR's that he is out of sync with for the most part have exactly one game of experience. Don't forget that Jake's offensive line needs to give him enough time to drop back and set his feet to make a throw. They also need to give the WR's enough time to go deep and get open.

That is a lot to learn in only one week which brings up the question of why the Huskies weren't prepared for it on Saturday night. Was it matter of lack of preparation, surprise, or was it the simple matter of not being able to execute?

I think it was a little of all three and if this team is going to go anywhere in 2008 it better start anticipating and adjusting to their opponents better. Hitting a couple of long bombs while your at it wouldn't be a bad idea either.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Signature Tyrone Willingham

This was one of those games that looked atrocious from the very first snap. This game was all signature Tyrone Willingham as the Huskies showed up emotionally flat and ill prepared for the opener with Oregon.

The Huskies had eight months to prepare for one of the most important games of Willingham's coaching career. What his team gave him was the worst performance of his Husky coaching career. This was the type of game that ends coaching careers.

How can you not be emotionally, physically, and mentally prepared to play Oregon in the opening game of the season?

Oregon is a top twenty type club but this edition does not come close to comparing with the squad that visited Husky Stadium last year. The Ducks simply outplayed Washington in every single facet of the football game last night.

There was no trickery or deception in this one. The Oregon lines simply came out and dominated Washington on both sides of the ball. This was nothing more than an old fashioned butt kicking.

This one could have gotten ugly early as Oregon raced off to a 14-0 lead against a UW nickel defense that featured three safeties. We all hoped for an attacking style and what we got was more prevent defense from the onset. The Huskies were very fortunate to be behind only 14-10 at halftime after Locker rallied the team in the second quarter when the Oregon offense sputtered a bit.

The second half was another episode of the worst of Ty Willingham "Deja Vu". Once again the opposing team made adjustments which countered the momentum UW had built up in the second quarter. Once again Washington had no answers. Once again Washington came out flat to start the second half.

The Husky offense was shut down completely in the second stanza unable to throw or run the ball. Special teams contributed shanked punts and poor kickoff returns which gave Washington terrible field position which only contributed to the offensive difficulties.

The Washington defense which looked like it had settled down in the second quarter was gassed after the first series of the second half. It is tough to make tackles when you are laid out on your back. Once again you have to question this teams physical conditioning.

The Washington offensive line was dominated the entire evening by Oregon. I really can't remember seeing a single scrum they won all evening. This was pretty surprising because the OL had been touted as being one of the better in the conference this year. Cody Habben had terrible game out at tackle as he was beaten continuously all night. Juan Garcia played almost the entire game which was great but he wasn't impressive.

Offensive coordinator Tim Lappano didn't do his team any favors as he called perhaps his worst game in purple and gold. The Huskies were predictable and uninspired all evening.

The Washington version of the spread offense doesn't spread the field. UW repeatedly ran the ball up the middle rather than trying to sweep it outside. Obviously they wanted to go with the supposed strength of the team which is the interior offensive line. It didn't work and Chris Polk and Brandon Johnson were smothered at the line of scrimmage the entire evening.

Locker dropped back to pass the majority of the night which allowed the pocket to collapse around him. You have to question why UW didn't roll out more since it would give Locker and his receivers additional time and more options.

Jake wasn't himself last night. It was obvious that the lack of practice time had hurt his conditioning and thrown off the timing between him and his receivers. He had a bit of a limp so you know the hamsting was still bothering him. It also looked like he suffered a chest or shoulder injury late in the second quarter which slowed him down in the second half.

For Tyrone Willingham this game was a nightmare because it signals the end of his coaching career at Washington. It was obvious to all observers that nothing had changed in the off season with this Washington team. All the same problems are here with the addition of a lot more inexperience. Things are not getting better, they are getting progressively worse, and everyone knows it is about time to pull the plug.

Up next is a BYU squad which is probably on a par or better than Oregon. The following week the Huskies take on possibly the best team they will face all season in Oklahoma.

The odds are pretty good that Willingham will submit his resignation during the bye week before the Stanford game. Washington will be 0-3 at that time hand and possibly have a scoring differential of about 170-30. That isn't a pretty picture.

Rumor has it that he tried to do that after the WSU loss last year but Todd Turner talked him out of it. That is probably the biggest reason Todd is no longer AD at Washington. Count on Scott Woodward to take it without argument this time around.

Bright Spots

One of our readers wrote in asked us to highlight a few brigh spots. There weren't many but here are the ones I noticed.

QB Ronnie Fouch came in during the fourth quarter and played pretty well against the Oregon "B" team. To be honest he looked better than Jake last night.

Quinton Richardson had a nice night at CB picking up his first interception.

LB Mason Foster picked up ten tackles.

DT's Alameda Ta'amu and Johnnie Kirton looked like the best of the group out there last night. I can see them both getting more playing time next week against BYU.

TE Kavario Middleton is going to be a force once he gets his blocking down. He is an incredibly smooth receiver but his blocking is still a year away.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

No Mas! No Mas! Oregon 44 Washington 10

First Quarter

The Ducks have come out and dominated from the get go jumping out to a 14 point lead. Washington hasn't been able to do anything on offense and they haven't been able to stop the Ducks on defense. It could be a very long night. Oregon out gained the Huskies 151 to 29 in the 1st quarter. My first impression is opening night jitters for a young team. The Huskies need to develop some rhythm.

Second Quarter

The Huskies have settled down and developed some rhythm and have closed the Oregon lead to 14-10. Washington is playing much better in the second quarter on both sides of the ball. Quinton Richardson made a nice interception. Jake looks to be around 80% tonight. Kavario Middleton has caught three passes and it looks like he will be a major weapon this season. The offensive line isn't getting any push on running plays. The Washington running game is once again all about Jake scrambling.

Looks like Roper could be out with an injury so they will go with their 3rd string QB in the second half. Moselli played the last three minutes of the first half and looked fine.

The Huskies trail 14-10 at halftime.

Third Quarter

Can Willingham out coach Bellotti is the second half?

Adjustments in the second half were a major problem last season.

Both teams go three and out on their first series but Oregon gets a nice punt return from Byrd and drives it quickly to the endzone to take a 21-10 lead early in the third. Looks like the Ducks have taken back the momentum.

Oregon goes with Chris Harper who is the third Duck QB of the night.

Washington isn't moving the ball at all in the third quarter. Poor field position and lack of adjustments that work are hurting them.

Washington special teams rears its ugly head for the third time tonight when Jarius byrd makes another great punt return breaking Husky arm tackles.

The third quarter ends with Oregon on the UW 16 driving to put this one away with a 21-10 lead.

Washington still hasn't broken its habit of being out adjusted in the third quarter.

Harper is the best QB I have seen tonight. He is going to be a great Dennis Dixon clone. Good chance the Ducks go with him the rest of the year.

The Ducks have used three QB's tonight. What is this a spring scrimmage?

Fourth Quarter

The Huskies hold to start the fourth quarter and the Ducks hit a 41 yard Fg to take a 24-10 lead. This is still a gem, but UW needs to get something going on offense.

UW goes for it on 4th and 3 around mid field and Jake gets pounded. On the next play Oregon hits a big on to Williams to take what seems to be an insurmountable 30-10 lead.

Habben has been eaten up all night. UW's offensive line has been terrible tonight and that is the real story of this game. I think it may have been the worst Washington rushing performance I can remember seeing.

Trailing 30 -10 the Huskies panic on the next series throwing long on every play hoping for a miracle. The offensive play calling and execution has been terrible the entire second half.

UW's defense is getting really tired, way too many arm tackles as the game winds down. It looks like they are giving up.

Oregon drives it down the field again to take a 37-10 lead.

23 straight unanswered points in the second half by Oregon.

Ty says "No Mas, No Mas"....Jake Locker gets pulled from the game and Ronnie Fouch comes in.

Fouch has a decent drive going until one of Kearse fumbles after a reception.

Oregon takes the ball and drives it down the field to take a 44-10 lead with 46 seconds left.

This was one of the most important game of Ty Willinghams career and it ends up as being the worst loss in his tenure at Washington.


Washington Visits Oregon Tonight

The Washington Huskies kick off the 2008 college football season tonight traveling to the Willamette Valley to visit the Oregon Ducks.

The Ducks are favored by two TD's but if you bet on these type of things they probably won't cover the spread because the gap between the two teams has been shrinking over the past six months.

One key for Washington in this one is hanging on to the ball. Young skill players tend to put the ball on the ground and if that happens the Huskies will be in trouble quickly. If Washington can eliminate the mistakes they have a chance to pull an upset in the opener.

I will be back around game time.