Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Moving Time

UW Dawg Pound on SBN

We have moved the site over to Sports Blog Network and have renamed it the UW Dawg Pound.


I have been simulcasting posts at both the new and existing addresses since last weekend as I get a feel of the new editing tools.

The advantage of moving to SBN is the great suite of publishing tools they have plus the networking possibilities with other top sports bloggers across the country. The move increases the overall syndication of what is written here plus it is a boost in blogging prestige.
I know it is a bit of hassle to join a new site because you need a user name and password to post but it will be well worth the couple of minutes it takes. You are going to have access to not only my blog, but the best sports blogs on every subject in the country.
To post over at the new site you will need to sign up and pick a user name and password. That only takes about a minute and you are ready to go.
One huge advantage is you are not going to have to use a cryptic code when you post anymore. I know more than a few people complained about this in this Google blog format.

I won't be killing this original site. It has an archive of over 1000 articles on Husky Sports articles over the past three years. I will continue using it as an archive and sign post to direct our readers over the the new site.

The new address is:

Please list it in your favorites because starting Sunday morning all new articles will only be posted over at the new address.

Seattle Examiner

Some of the articles you read here are also being posted over at the Seattle Examiner.
I am the Seattle Husky Examiner. An Examiner is someone in a local market who enjoys informing others about subjects they love and are proficient at. The Examiner also has local and national feeds from AP, and local newspaper and television stations.
The articles that are published over there are edited differently than here because it is being written in a newspaper rather than blog format.
The articles that are written here and in the new blog are also published and re-edited in a different format over on this site.
The whole idea behind publishing in three different places with three different slightly versions is to increase awareness and readership of the blog. The more readers we get the more comments we get.
Nathan Ware has a great blog over in the Seattle PI called the Original DawgBlawg.
Nathan and I ask each other questions each week during the football and basketball seasons once per week. The only place you can get "Backtalk with Nathan and Johnny B" is in the Seattle PI Internet sports section.

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