Thursday, June 15, 2006

Washington Husky Football Blog is Open!

This is the first post for the Washington Husky Football Blog. This blog is for all things purple! I hope some of my friends will come visit from the other UW sites such as .
We can talk recruiting, bitch about the coaches, and of course ban people from Notre Dame unless we feel the Blog is in need of a villian. You are also free to villify who you choose, hopefully I will escape your scorn if the losses continue to pile up during the season.

Pretty much everyday you can expect a new post on something about the team. This isn't a news or recruiting site, so anything you hear from this blog will only be hearsay reported from elsewhere.

If you are a creative and knowledgable poster we will also make it possible to post your views for discussion. For all you of you not familiar with blog's, they aren't message boards, that means you can only comment on the topic the host chooses everyday. So hopefully we will pick more than one host if there is any interest in the blog.

Go Dawg's!


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