Saturday, April 26, 2008

Spring Game

The Spring game is going to be broadcast on Go Huskies Dot Com.

The 2008 Husky Football team will put their talents on display for the first time to the general public at 12:45 pm. If you can't make it down to the stadium, tune into for a live video stream of the game or tune into KJR-AM 950 for the radio broadcast. I think it is great because if you can't be there at least you will be able to get a Spring glimpse of what is going on out there.

It isn't going to be much of a contest, everything will be extremely dumbed down, the QB's will be in yellow shirts, and don't expect Jake to be running it. That is no problem, I want to see Jake spending his time passing the ball. I want to see how the new receivers are doing. I want to see a little Izbicki, and Savant at TE. Savant supposedly has made a move toward the rotation this Spring.

First Quarter

Locker hit Logan for an 18 yarder to start the game, but the Purple stalled at 3rd and two being stopped on a short run, then being stopped on 4th and short after Locker mishandled a shot gun snap. Fouch and the Gold took over and almost hit a 49 yard TD to Hawkins who dropped the ball in the endzone. The drive stalled.

Locker and the Purple hit Goodwin with a 12 yard toss on third down. We get to see some Yakaboski who picks up a nice 5 yard run by bouncing it outside. Goodwin takes an end around for a couple. Jake hits Goodwin on a fade for a 28 year fade down the sideline, then Goodwin gets hit for 15 for unsportsmanlike. the drive stalls after that.

Fouch takes over for the Gold. Walk on Charles Hawkins has been dropping some passes that would have resulted in some pretty big gains. Charles needs to rebound because this is his time to make enough of an impression to get into the rotation next Spring.

Second Quarter

Walter Winter is getting some time at TE. Hawkins redeems himself to pick up a couple of catches to start the second. Anthony Boyles makes his first catch. Matt Mosley and Tripper Johnson are looking good on defense. the drive sputters at mid field.

Quinton Richardson intercepts Locker in the end zone near the end of the second quarter.

Fouch goes three and out.

Locker gets one more try with 40 seconds left, he goes 4 and out.

3-0 Gold at Halftime.

Third Quarter

The Gold start our with Fouch at the helm and he is again victimized by drops, this time Boyles is the culprit, he has dropped a couple today. Fouch hits Aguilar with a very nice over the shoulder pass. You have to like the way Fouch is tossing it around today. Nick Wood picks up his second off side penalty of the day. Willie Griffin has been picking up some good yards today at TB. Persley is looking solid at CB. The drive stalls and the Gold settles for a FG. Folk hooks it and misses the 12 yard FG.

Jake hits Chris Polk for an eleven yard gain. Locker floats a beauty to Curtis Shaw for 30 yards. Polk takes a hand off at RB and picks up 4. He hits Polk again for 4. Donald Butler is looking pretty good out there, same with Mason Foster. Locker hits Polk again for 7. 4th and 5 from the 24 and they are going for it. Not a bad crowd in the stands for the game. Locker hits Izbicki for a first down at the 16. Nice first catch by the RS frosh. Johnson takes it down to the 10 for a six yard gain. Locker hits Goodwin for the TD. 5 catches so far and 71 yards for Goodwin to go along with the TE. 80 yards in 13 plays.

Purple 7 - Gold 3

Fouch starts off at the 30. Boyles makes a very nice reach back grab for 10. Griffin picks up 4, he has been steady all day. 14 carries so far for 55 yards. Griffin also has a nice set of hands as he picks up 7 on a flair pass. He hits Hawkins at the 23 for another first down.

Fourth Quarter

Fouch hits Aguilar for a sensational catch in the endzone for a TD. Ronnie Fouch has been solid all day, and the kid is going to be ready next year of Jake goes down. His numbers aren't spectacular, but his WR's have dropped five so far, one was for a probable TD.

Gold 10 - Purple 7

Jake tries to get it all back on the first play but Goodwin and Polk get jammed by the safeties. Yakaboski picks up five. Kurt Mangum makes the stop in his first action as a Husky. Fouch comes into the game for the Purple, and will likely play for both teams which means this one is about in the books. Fouch hits Shaw for a completion, but it is negated by a holding call. Izbicki makes another nice catch and picks up a long 1st down with a nice run after catch. Polk picks up 4. Goodwin picks up 25 on a sideline catch. Nice run after the catch! Goodwin is looking really good. Kirton picks up a tackle as Yakaboski picks up 3. Fouch hits Polk for 9. Polk is having a very nice debut today. Johnson picks up 3, he looks a little gimpy, so he is probably down for the day. Vonzell McDowell came up and made a nice tackle for loss. The Purple try a FG, and Kirton blocks it.

Taylor Bean has taken over at QB for the Gold. Austin Sylvester is getting time at FB, he moved over from LB late last season. The Gold go nowhere, and the purple take over.

Fouch takes over from the 48. Polk is getting some time at RB, and picks up 5. On the next play he picks up another 5 for the first down. Nice slashing runner with very quick cuts. Ryan Perkins misses a 47 yard FG wide right.

Willingham comments that there were too many dropped passes, and the second unit defense gave up too many yards, but the was pleased overall because he feels the overall defense is quite a bit better. He loves his RB's, he feels all three of them not including Polk who will play bith TB, and WR are a pretty good group.

Nobody was hurt, the offense wasn't allowed to show much because the QB's were basically handcuffed all day. IF you can imagine the team with the handcuffs off you have to be pleased with the progress Locker, and Fouch have made throwing the ball. Both of these guys are mobile QB's, and when you give them that option it is a whole new ballgame.

NFL Draft

By the way the Seahawks traded their 1st round - 25th pick to the Cowboys for the 28th pick and grab a 5th rounder, and 7th rounder. Tumwater's Jonathan Stewart went to Carolina as the 13th pick of the draft.

The Seahawks select 6'4 270lb DE Lawrence Jackson from USC which is a great pick considering that they also picked up a couple of extra draft choices by trading down with Dallas. the hawks get the player that they wanted at 25, and get the extra picks, nice move!


hairofthedawg said...

Hawkins is getting open nicely, just needs to learn to catch it. I also like the way Griffin runs the ball. I hope Jake looks better passing in the second half. Sometimes hard to tell if the defense looks good or offense bad, but not that exciting on either's part except for the opportunities Fouch has nearly taken advantage of. Logan and the Flea have looked ok too, but the Flea needs to tone it down a bit, as I'm sure he's hearing in the locker room. Also, the spam prevention letters are becoming very difficult to, it's not the beer.:)

John Berkowitz said...

I liked what I saw out there Dick. I think the team has improved in a number of different area's.

hairofthedawg said...

I saw a lot more good than bad, that's for sure. It's just hard to judge in this kind of game. My biggest relief was Fouch's performance and concern is still the D-line depth. RB depth is not a concern and the D-line will hopefully be addressed with the class coming in. I really hope the WRs and QBs hook up a lot over the summer. They need to get to know one another. The ball was spread around pretty well though even with the relative newness of their relationships.