Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Pac Ten Alley

The bridge program has started, and the incoming frosh started informal workouts with the team yesterday. In other words the football season has started, and the countdown begins for camp which starts the first week in August.

Over the past few weeks I have been going over the team by position going into the Fall. I conclude the series with a couple of articles tommorow. First we will go over special teams which is a component of the Husky team that you hope improves this year.

The second article is a breakdown of the team by classes going back to 2003 when Juan Garcia caome into the program. Juan by the way is last Neuheisel recruit left standing. The article should give you all a pretty good look at where we are in the rebuilding process.

After that I start a series on Friday that previews all the Husky opponents in 2008. We start off with the Oregon Ducks who will be a major hurdle to overcome on the road to start the season. The series will conclude with the WSU preview on August 8th. The Monday Morning Wash, and Pac Ten Alley will continue to come out Monday, and Wednesday respectively each week.

Once practice starts the "Purple Curtain" will be lifted and I should have some sort of coverage here every day. Reporters only get to watch the first 20 minutes of practice which is usually just stretching. After practice Ty usually holds a news conference to answer questions. I watch the press conference every day, and you can too at the UW Athletic Department website.

The season begins early in Autzen, and finishes late in Strawberry Canyon. We have twelve games, and I feel that eight are winnable. That doesn't mean we can't beat USC, Oklahoma, ASU, and Oregon either, but I feel there are eight games in this schedule we should be able to win. As usual I will have plenty of commentary during the week, and after each game.

This is going to be a very interesting season because it will start with a new Athletic Director, and a head coach that is on the hot seat. The mandate this season is to finish with a winning record, and go to a bowl game. This team is entirely capable of doing that, if they can't they need to go in a new direction.

Pac Ten Alley


Kari said...

John, I sure appreciate your optimism. I would have picked 6 games as winnable. I think we're going to have problems handling BYU and UCLA. I'm glad we're playing them at home, as I don't think we could beat either one of them on the road.

I sure am excited for this season. My personal prediction is 7-5, as I think they will surprise us with a couple of unexpected wins (but they'll also break our hearts with loses that should have been wins, like Arizona and Hawaii last year).

John Berkowitz said...

Thanks Kari...I pick us to beat UCLA because they will be likely out of QB's and offensive lineman when we play them.