Thursday, July 12, 2007

Puppy Chow

Internet reports are circulating today that incoming freshman receivers Anthony Boyles and Devin Aguilar will not be eligible this season.

Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times confirmed the report on Aguilar saying that he needs to retake the writing portion of his SAT. If he passes he will be eligible to enroll when school starts, but he will miss Fall camp, and the first four games of the season. This is a tough break because this was a kid that was expected to contribute this season, and start next year.

Bad news obviously comes in two's because it looks like Anthony Boyles has some retesting to do, and will not make it in till January, and that is if he passes. Boyles is a kid who could have been starting by mid season, so this is a big blow to the program, hopefully both can get their academics in order so they can play on 2008. No confirmation yet from Boyles, so we don't know exactly what he needs to do to get eligible. These things usually have a few twists, and turns so stay tuned.


It seems both Boyles, and Aguillar are in the same boat, they both narrowly missed qualifying and have another chance to re-test on September 15th. If they pass they can enroll for Fall Quarter, and be able to practice with the team. Even if they both make it in they will likely redshirt since they will miss the first four games, and fall camp. Let's keep our fingers crossed on this one. It would be nice if they were available this year, but if they don't make it in UW will be under the gun to have any depth in 2008 at WR.

ET named rookie of the year

Former Husky wide receiver Charles Frederick was named 2007 Arena Football League Co-Rookie of the Year, the league announced on Thursday. Frederick, who played for the Kansas City Brigade, shares the honor with Tampa Bay Storm quarterback Brett Dietz.
Frederick ranked first among rookies in rushing yards (133), receptions (115), scoring (246 pts.), and all-purpose yards (2,129). He also ranked second among rookies in touchdown receptions (27) and receiving yards (1,385).

Frederick's 115 receptions stood eight shy of breaking the all-time rookie record of 122, set in 2006 by Kansas City WR Jerel Myers. He was also named to the All-Rookie Team last week and Rookie of the Month in March.

Frederick was a four-year letter winner at Washington, earning first-team All-Pac-10 honors in 2003 as a special teams player. He finished his Husky career with 121 receptions (sixth most in team history) and 1,735 yards (seventh most).


hairofthedawg said...

Sorry I've been so busy and have little enough time to read, let alone comment, on your work. I appreciate the effort. I was just reading Dawgman and something struck me about Yale's post and your comments on it.

It was excellent analysis but your comment on the research was perfect. I find myself reading their message board on sort of a headline basis. Subject, who's posting on it and asking myself if it's worth my time. I enjoy the well-researched pieces, especially Yale, meanderings and often links to Mr. Linde's site. I'm not saying this is a problem for you, but often your pieces are too thorough, well, they can't be that, but they leave me nothing to say except, "well...yeah". It's not a bad thing for me because I'm just looking for a Husky fix and I always get one. Mainly just thinking out loud, didn't really have a point...

Yale would make a great co-blogger with you is as close as I can get.

I like the idea of Ernst taking over the women's team and moving the hungry young coach up. Very good move in my opinion. I wonder if Ernst or Turner thought of it.

It's doubtful I'll be making the trip to Greece, which sucks because I was kind of hoping the ballabros would show up. Things might break differently but right now, as soon as this current cluster is done I'm off to Cyprus to pack up for Qatar.


Health Insurance Expert said...

Quatar? Bright big city! You will have to let us know what it is like there.

I haven't had time to figure out if I like the Ernst decision or not to tell you the truth since I know little of Coach Callahan. Ernst must be pretty confident he can do the job.

Ernst is probably the greatest womens rowing coach in the history of the sport, so I am pretty sure he will turn that around quickly.

prrbrr said...

Hair, too bad for you to miss these dawgs in person. I echo your thoughts about posters and my time, there are many who I read for perspective and insight, others I gloss over by headline or callsign, so far have only 2 posters on ignore. Good luck to you in your next assignment.

hairofthedawg said...

Yeah, I'll let you know what it's like. I think the city is actually Doha. I have a couple of friends there already so it should be a decent time.

Thanks PB, I was looking forward to visiting Greece again too. Even though Cyprus is heavily influenced by Greece, it's not the same. I guess I'll get to enjoy schwarmas again in Qatar, at least I hope so.

My fingers are crossed on Boyles and Aguilar and it was fun to see ET and Lincoln Kennedy a couple of weekends ago in the Arena playoffs.

Lincoln was doing his job pretty well too!

Health Insurance Expert said...

Hair, do you want to explain to everyone what Schwarmas are? I think it is a mid eastern sadwich, sort of like a burrito?

hairofthedawg said...

You've got it right except in some sort of Cyprus beef, chicken or pork, with your choice of accompanying veggies. I make sure to get a dill pickle quarter and they are one of the few things I'll eat with tomatoes in it. It's either Tahini or Tzatziki sauce, or both, that provide enough garlic for me forget that there are tomatoes in it.

Sam's in Cyprus makes a decent one, perfect after a few brews, but I've heard that the real thing puts them to shame. One thing to look forward to anyway...