Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Weekly Poll Question

Ok, it was not the best question, but I was on vacation and only had a couple of minutes to churn it out.

Where will Washington end up recruiting wise in the unofficial national polls put out by Scout and Rivals in 2008?

Top Five 0% (0 votes)
Top Ten 0% (0 votes)
Top 15 0% (0 votes)
Top 20 25% (3 votes)
Top 25 25% (3 votes)
Top 30 17% (2 votes)
Top 40 33% (4 votes)

The small sampling responded that they would finish anywhere between 20-40 which is a safe bet. I however think we will finish inside the Top Twenty due to a strong in state class. I can feel the turn around coming as quickly as Jose Vidro hitting into a double play.

This weeks question:

Who has been the best coach in the Pac Ten over the last thirty years?

John Wilner out of San Jose who is featured in our Pac Ten Alley most weeks decided to rank the top coaches in the Pac Ten over the past 25 or so years. His number one was Pete Carroll, and his surprising #2 was Mike Bellotti who while consistent has only been to one Rose Bowl. He marked DJ down for going on probation.

This has been kicked around on the web, and in the local sports pages so let me ask you to give your unbiased opinion on who the best coach is. Carroll is pretty tough to beat, but if DJ had his level of talent every year the results would have been similar. DJ actually put the LA schools in a hole while he was here. UW was by far the top football school in the Pac when he bowed out.


prrbrr said...

HIE. definitely not good news yesterday. but its still a marathon to Feb. We have however been stuck in the pack at the start. TW can still turn this around but it has become tougher. To get the kids we need (A list) its going to take IMO at least 2 upsets among Ohio St, USC, Cal plus beating Boise, Oreg and WSU to show the program is headed the right way. If that happens, Guyton and others may rethink their early decisions of a 17 yr old. As an old Husky fan I am truly surprised by the kids leaving the state program for the other side grass is greener. Guess we have to roll with the times and accept that our society has become more worldly due to technology, internet, cheap jet travel etc.
Off topic, did you read that Florida St AD's contract was not renewed. Could this be the fore runner to easing gently or maybe a big shove of Bobby Bowden out the door. I had read that there were some grumblings lately from the Seminole faithful.

Health Insurance Expert said...

We need some wins, we need some excitement. Ya, it kind of blows me away that these kids see a better opportunity away from home.

They have been trying to move Bowden out for some time, this could be his last year.

prrbrr said...

In a further update, I read that 2 asst ADs at Fla St were let go immediately. Sounds like a very big housecleaning coming soon.

Health Insurance Expert said...

Unless Bowden win's big this season it should be his last year. Bowden, and Paterno seem to be waiting each other out. Both would like to go out as the all time winningest coach. My money is on Paterno. Honestly both should have hung it up five years ago, but who am I to say.