Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Husky Poll Question

Before Spring practice began I asked "Who is the most improved player on the Husky roster this Spring?"

One kid I left off the list was Quinton Richardson, and if he had been on there he would have ended up as one of the top three vote getters. Richardson came out of Spring as the #1 CB on the entire roster which is saying quite a bit for someone they just moved over from Safety.

QB Jake Locker 17% (15 votes)

I think everyone was impressed with the way Jake was throwing the ball. His backup Ronnie Fouch cam on quite a bit too.

RB Brandon Johnson 2% (2 votes)

Brandon was dinged up so he didn't show what he could do over the last 5-6 practices.

S Nate Williams 6% (5 votes)

Nate looks real solid to me at Safety and it is going to take a lot of work by Wells to dislodge him in the fall. Like Aieyewa below he may end up being one of the better all time safeties at UW.

S Victor Aieywa 33% (30 votes)

Tough not to notice this kid patrolling the Safety position in a way we haven't seen since the days of Akbar, and Williams. this kid is big and raw, and has the potential to be one of the best before he goes.

DT Tyrone Duncan 3% (3 votes)

Tyrone finished the Spring out at DE after an initial burst at tackle. Like fellow RS Nick Wood he needs more time

CB Matt Mosley 0% (0 votes)

Nobody voted for Matt, but he is firmly entrenched in the rotation at corner.

LB Mason Foster 4% (4 votes)

Mason had about as good a Spring as anyone at UW.

WR Goodwin 31% (28 votes)

This kid had a breakthrough Spring

TE Izbicki 1% (1 votes)

Other: 2% (2 votes)

This weeks question is :

"Which Husky Sport is your favorite following Football and Men's Basketball?"


Anonymous said...

Well, the ONLY sport where the UDub is any good at all is men's crew. How ironic that it is the only UW sport not recognized by the NCAA as a scholarship, championship sport. In other words this was one mediocre year for the Huskies. ugh

hairofthedawg said...

It was tough for me to decide between crew, track, baseball and other(rugby), but I went with track for no real reason that I can explain.

Rob said...

every other sport's appeal can be left up to the atmosphere of the arena. summer evening baseball is tough to beat, but a big volleyball crowd can get pretty riled up and fun. i grew up in vancouver and always enjoyed watching the huskies soccer teams play the university of portland teams. they take their soccer seriously there and it really enhanced the experience.

Greg O'Byrne said...