Friday, May 02, 2008

Scott Woodward Bows Out

Scott Woodward is pulling out of consideration for the AD job at Washington choosing to concentrate on his job as VP of External Affairs.

Bob Condotta of the Times is following the story and he found the comment below interesting. If you have been following the UW athletic department for the last decade the comments sure ring true.

An interesting comment Scott Woodward made today in his announcement that he would not pursue the AD job permanently is that he worried there was maybe an "acceptance of mediocrity'' in the department.

I guess the question everyone is asking is what kind of AD will UW eventually hire? Will it be Todd Turner II with better PR skills, or will it be someone driven to win?


prrbrr said...

Johnb, In my view, I agree that Woodward is probably more valuable in his present position than he would be as AD. He has the clout and knowledge to actually help the next AD, hopefully it will be somebody who "gets it". Plus the new AD will get to name his/her own top 2 assistants, as well as making other changes normally associated with a change in admin.

John Berkowitz said...

I agree, and i think it is a good thing that emmerts right hand guy got an in depth view of the athletic department. I think that view will be quite valuable in picking the new AD.

I hope they make a move for Bill Moos. He is available, and they would have to compensate him for lost revenue form Oregon, but he would be worth it.

Make no mistake about it, Moos would like the job.