Monday, September 01, 2008

Good to be Back at UCLA Baby

Rick Neuheisel didn't wait long to get his first signature win at UCLA. In his debut the Bruins upset Tennessee 27-24 in overtime.

Quarterback Kevin Craft rallied UCLA twice in the fourth quarter after four first-half interceptions. Craft was sensational after halftime Monday night in guiding UCLA to an unlikely win over No. 18 Tennessee.

Rick Neuheisel's homecoming couldn't have gone much better in the Rose Bowl.

Personally I am surprised by the result. UCLA's defense looked great tonight against a supposedly superior SEC team. Never bet against a Rick Neuheisel coached team. He knows how to get his team prepared and up for a big game.

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bigdave967 said...

Looks like UW will have its hands full with UCLA now too...I was hoping that might be an easier game than most (not a guarentee but easier).

I hope this team gets their heads out of their butts...

I will say one thing. If you are an 18-23 year old kid and need a 50 something year old gray haired man to inspire you to play great football and knock the sh!t out of someone you dont belong on the field. At some point these kids have to motivate themselves. My coach in college was OLD and couldnt pump up a pervert in a whore house. We look to each other for motivation...this team needs a legit leader and they dont have one yet.