Thursday, January 25, 2007

Huskies Upset 7th Ranked Duck's

It's 51-40 UW at halftime as the Huskies have hit 19-36 shots and have just four turnovers. Dentmon is having one of his best games and Appleby is hitting from the outside. The Huskies only had 4 turnovers in the first half. UW is also outrebounding Oregon 19-13 and has forced the Ducks into nine turnovers. Dentmon, getting his first start since the UCLA game, leads all scorers with 15 points and has hit all seven of his free throws, with his aggression earning him consistent trips to the line. Dentmon has been the difference in the game so far for the Dawg's.

Oregon roared back early in the second half, but the Huskies hold a tenuous 75-69 lead with 6:00 left in the second half. the game has become a defensive struggle as both teams have cooled down from the field and have been turning it over quite a bit. Oregon has four players in foul trouble and that could come into play as we head into cruch time.

Four minutes to go and the Huskies are starting to stretch it out again getting back to a 11 point lead of 81-71. Oregon answers but Dentmon makes a nice basket for his 23rd point of the evening. Justin has stepped up tonight.

Three minutes left on the Huskies still hold an 1o point lead. Huskies are working the clock now and have taken it under two minutes. Hawes picks up an offensive rebound, is fouled, and heads to the line and hits 1-2. Oregon answers quickly and trails by nine with 1:44 left. Appleby hits a couple at the line, and Brockman picks up a lay in after an Oregon turnover to take it to 88-73 and this one is about over.

All Oregon can do is foul and try to hit some three's. Dentmon returns to the line and hits two for a 24 point night. This one is over and Washington wins a very big one 89-77.

This was a very big back up against the wall win for Washington. They move to 2-6 in conference with OSU up next on Saturday. Finishing the first half 3-6 is no cause for celebration if it happens, but the Huskies have an easier road the rest of the way getting UCLA, USC, WSU, Cal, and Stanford at home during the second half. We have ASU, UA, Oregon, and OSU on the road. The Huskies need to finish 7-2 not including a non conference game with Pitt to have a chance for the tourney. win out and slit on the road, have a good showing at the Pac Ten tourney, and they can crawl back into this.

I watched Spencer Hawes quite a bit tonight and he just doesn't seem reasy for prome time to me. Now I know the NBA doesn't care, but this guy could use another year or two to polish his game and add some strength.

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