Friday, January 26, 2007

Taking a good look at Spencer Hawes

Spencer Hawes is one of the most talented freshman to ever ply his talents on the hardwood at Hec Edmundson. He came to UW with the label that he was ready for the NBA out of HS, and the only thing that kept him from going pro were the new rules.

I have watched Spencer in almost every game this year, and no way is he ready to do anything in the NBA but sit at the end of the bench, and collect a big check. Simply put he isn't physically mature enough for the upper echeleon yet. Spencer has put on some meat, but he needs quite a bit more before he can be a force in the Pac Ten, let alone the NBA.

Take a good look at his low rebound totals, the way he gets muscled out of the key by older more experienced players. Watch how UW uses him in the high post and puts Brockman down low. He simply hasn't evolved into a complete player playing 15 feet away from the hoop. Watch him get trapped and collapsed upon on offense because of poor positioning. Nothing wrong with any of that for a true frosh, but it shows he needs more time.

What Spencer Hawes needs is a couple more years in school to develop his game, and more importantly his body. That being said if he goes out next year he is a likely top five pick, and that means a lot of money in the bank for a 19 year old kid...pretty tough to pass up.

Spencer needs to choose between immediate money, or the potential of having an All Star pro career, and a great college experience to remember. The fact is underclassmen don't belong in the NBA. They don't develop well, they don't mature mentally as well, and it drags the entire NBA down. The main problem the NBA has is a lack of maturity and discipline. Waving millions at 17 year olds does nothing to correct the problem, and that is why they have the new rules.

Spencer has a pretty good head on his shoulders, his uncle had a long NBA career, and his dad was an excellent player at UW. You think they should all see what most of us are seeing.

Spencer needs to stay at UW for two more years to develop.

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