Monday, January 22, 2007

The Monday Morning Wash

We have a late edition of the Monday Morning Wash today because I was out of internet range out of town this weekend. Not much to report about since once again the Husky basketball team went down to defeat, this time on the road against Washington State. The window of opportunity is closing on this edition's of Lorenzo Romar's squad after they were throttled in Pullman this weekend. The Huskies face Oregon, and Oregon St at home this weekend to finish out the first half of the conference season before a game with Pitt.

This has to to be LORO'S biggest challenge since he arrived because of the heady expectations for this squad coming into the season. If you watch this team you realize they aren't bad, they just lack experience, depth, and ballhandling in a very tough league.

I know I am not suppose to say nice thing's about WSU, but the Bennett's deserve a tip of the hat for the way they have turned that moribund program around.

In football recruiting the Huskies picked up a very good walkon QB in Chandler Clemmons who will be with the team this Spring. Tune into Dawgman for more information on the pickup. This is a big pickup which really will fill a need. DT Matt Masifilo surprised nobody by picking Stanford over UW. Expect Tyrone Duncan to get his long awaited offer. OT Darrion Weems committed to Oregon after being dropped by Florida. Of course on the boards people are pulling their hair out but I never figured we much of a chance with either of them. We still have some athletes left out their for the final spots and I think we finish with a strong top 25 class.

I will catch up more tomorrow. We were in Naples Florida golfing this weekend, and as I said earlier, the internet just wasn't working where we were at. My drives weren't either for the most part, but it was good to get out there after a three month layoff.

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