Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Puppy Chow

It was an interesting recruiting weekend. Usually we would report on it Monday but not enough rumor, and inuendo had shaken out enough to do that. As usual our policy is to comment on recruiting once it is in the general media such as the Seattle Times.

The Huskies stole Byron Davenport a CB who attended UCLA for two years before sitting out last season to attend a Junior College. He has two years to play and will be here for spring practice. He was originally verbaled to WSU but changed his mind and is headed to the west side of the state. We heard about this early in the weekend, and one site released before it was confirmed. Davenport has a relationship with Coach Williams from when he was originally recruited by Cal. Byron will compete for the starting job beside Lewis. Suddenly depth at CB looks pretty good with the added bonus of Davenport counting against the 2006 class.

Don't feel sorry for the Cougars because they got a commitment from five star JC safety Terry Mixon. Mixon is a guy the Huskies would also love to have but he will count against the 2007 class, and like Ashlee Palmer would have a problem getting into to UW.

Pou Palelei was the only other A lister to vist this past weekend and still has UW in the lead after the visit. He still wants to trip Texas A&M, and Arizona State. UW will probably keep bringing people in until the last week as they try to sew up the final spots.

Nevada CB Eddie Wide has decided to commit to Utah. Mike Tomczyck visited Louisville and is considered a Cardinal lean. DT Matt Masifilio will decide between UW, Stanford, and Cal this week. He has a final meeting scheduled with each of the schools coaches in home. Chike Amajoyi is down to UW, and Stanford after visiting the Tree's this past weekend.

Rounding out the Class

The names in bold are A guys who we think have the best chance to commit, and fill out the class. The (B) means they are more of a plan "B" choice, but also consider that Nisby, and Duncan were rated three stars by Scout. If S Hilton Dawson is offered and able to get in that would leave another spot open for a HS player.

OL Paleile, Tomczyk, Weems, Nisby (B)
DT Masifilo, Duncan (B)
DE Smith, Owusu, Knapp (B)
LB Amajoyi, Dennison (B)
DB Dawson (JC), Bolden, Horton

This has been one of the more challenging classes to predict as we go down to the wire because Ty is playing his cards very close to the vest. Most of the services are surprised each week about who is visiting. Expect more surprises over the next two weeks as we are three weeks to signing day. I think we have an excellent class right now, and based by what we have remaining on the board it looks like we will close well.

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