Monday, April 23, 2007

The Cult of Louis Rankin

One of our readers has found it amusing to vote for Louis Rankin a couple hundred times a day which kind of screws up the polls we have had fun with lately. So to prevent that from happening we have inserted a feature that will let people only vote once in the polls. I should have put it in from the onset, but didn't figure we would get spammed on a poll, bit I guess it takes all types.


hairofthedawg said...

At least one of Rankin's votes is legit this time. I was tempted to put down Reece or Locker they're still a bit inconsistent.It reads like Rankin is doing what I hoped to see him doing this spring, mainly, sticking with the called play and finding the crease. If Reece clears up the occasional misplayed balls, he'll have a great season and Locker is probably a little ahead of where I thought. I love his attitude.

Health Insurance Expert said...

I have to go with Rankin at this point too, everything I have read, and everybody I know who has been to a practice says he is ready to have a breakout year.