Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Weekly Poll Question

We ended up having two poll questions last week after someone with a big love for Louis Rankin came in and spammed the results. On one hand it's great that your excited about Louis, on the other hand now only one vote will be allowed per computer in the future.

Who will be the top three TB's this season? Realistically only 3-4 will play, and some may move to the defense. This is multiple choice so pick your top three.

Louis Rankin topped the charts with 516 votes on this one, Brandon Johnson followed with 19, JR Hasty with 16, and Curtis Shaw with 15. Even without the landslide you can figure that Louis had around 20 of the votes in this one.

Louis has looked good this Spring, and a few NFL scouts think that JR Hasty may play on Sunday's in the future if he can learn how to hang on to the ball. Hasty of course is shaking off the rust, but most feel he will be more than ready by Fall. The incoming frosh picked up quite a few votes, and we have to wait till Fall to see how they perform.

How did I vote?

I went with Rankin, Hasty, and Johnson.

Which Husky on Offense is having the best Spring so far?

Once again Louis Rankin mania gripped the poll from the outset which pushed us to the wise decision of inserting a cookie so we can't have repeat voters. Ranking was the overwhelming choice if you voted once, or 4o times in this one.

Who did I vote for?

I went with Rankin even though part of me kept screaming Paul Homer. If you have been reading this blog since it came out last July you might notice that I have been predicting big things for the lightly recruited fullback from Omaha.

This Weeks Question

We switch to defense this week and ask the question:

Which Husky Defenders will end up on the All Pac Ten team at the end of the season?

You have quite a few choices since we are nominating all the starters. You can pick as many, or as few of them as you wish.

Last years team had one first team selection, one second team selection, and two honorable mentions on defense. Only Gunheim returns from that group.

S C.J. Wallace First Team

LB Scott White Second Team

CB Dashon Goldson Honorable Mention

DE Greyson Gunheim Honorable Mention

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