Friday, April 06, 2007

Weekly Poll Question

Last week we asked if you thought Spencer Hawes was going to make the jump to the NBA this season. The answer from our readers was a resounding "NO". The voting was pretty one sided. Since we posted the question Spencer has decided to initially test the waters by informing his coach that he will indeed declare for the draft, but not pick an agent so he can go through the pre draft camps, and workouts. Some national sites such as CNN-SI are predicting he will end up coming out, but that is pretty much mindless speculation at this point. I think it is a foregone conclusion that Spencer is going to participate in Pre Spring Draft camps as long as he as at Washington because it gives him the ability to test himself against the best. On another note though there are rumblings coming today from the local press that Hawes is likely gone. I have hard time buying that, we will see.

This Weeks Question - Who will be the most improved skill player on offense in Spring Camp?

I throw a good group of skill guys up for nomination that we would like to see some increased performance from. It would be nice if some or all of these guys broke out this Spring.

WR Quinton Daniels.....Quinton was one of those guys they expected to play early and make an impact in Rick's big WR class. It hasn't happened yet because of injury. We got a glimpse of what Quinton could do last year, and this season he has the leg brace off and is back to his old speed. I would think that he is a player to watch this year.

WR Aaron Goodwin....He impressed coaches during his RS year, and takes over as the fastest guy on the team which means they are going to take a long look at his ability to run back kicks.

RB JR Hasty....We all know what Ranking can do, but we haven't seen what JR could do for awhile. This Spring will tell us all we need to know about what to expect from him the Fall because he along with Ranking will get an impressive amount of reps. A big Spring by JR could take a lot of pressure off the offense.

FB Paul Homer....UW hasn't had a kid like this here since Pat Conniff graduated. The kid can block, and we need that out of fullback. I want to see how he looks catching the ball this Spring. Can he develop into a complete player?

TE Johnnie Kirton....He has All American written all over him, but he needs to block better, and be more consistent catching the ball. He has had a couple of years experience, maybe the light bulb goes on for his junior year.

Of course you nominate someone else and write them in. When we see an other for now on we will add it to the list with your vote.


hairofthedawg said...

Last week's vote on my part was mainly wishful thinking, and I suspect that of some other voters as well.

This week's I chose Kirton in some respects for the same reason. We need him to stand out. If he does, both the running and passing games improve. In fact, if he improves enough, he could allow some of the other choices to outstrip him as most improved.

Health Insurance Expert said...

Kirton is a good choice, you really want to see a complete, and consistent game out of him.