Friday, April 13, 2007

Weekly Poll Question

Last week we asked who would show the most improvement among the offensive skill players this Spring. The majority of you went with JR Hasty. Hasty indeed has looked pretty good to observers in the early going. UW hasn't had a full contact practice yet, so I am anxious to hear the observations once the hitting starts.

One of you wrote in Jake Locker, and that one was an obvious no brainer. I didn't list Jake because everyone would have voted for him, and I wanted to open it up to guys who should be ready to break out this Spring, not someone who is going to be one of the best the minute he hits the field. Yes, Jake Locker is that good.

Who did I pick? Well I could have picked any of them, they are all players on the verge of breaking out, but I went with D'Andre "The Flea" Goodwin. We haven't had a consistent return threat in quite some time, and it would be a bonus if the fastest guy on the team gave us some help on specialties.

Who will be the starting tandem at offensive guard going into the Spring?

Bulyca, and Rosborough are the starters going into Spring, but neither have seen much, or any action to speak of in the past. White Frisbee, and Tolar are listed as the backups. Sedillo, and Bush are listed at center, but both will also be working at the guard positions. Who are going to be the top two at the end of Spring practice?

This is a multiple choice question, so pick two of the players when you vote.

I am not really as concerned about who will start as I am concerned about how many are ready to contribute in 2007. So what I am looking for is a very competitive battle to establish the depth that has been missing here for a few years.

Sedillo is officially backing up Garcia which means that unless Garcia gets an extra year of eligibility, which has been discussed, he will be the starter at Center in 2008. Bush who is a junior is ranked behind Sedillo. Bush hasn't been able to get enough weight, and strength built up during his career.

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