Thursday, April 19, 2007

Weekly Poll Question

Last week we asked who you thought would start at guard and Rosborough, and Bulyca came out on top. I think we are developing some pretty nice depth and strength at offensive guard.

I was surprised that Rosborough got the most votes. I ended up picking the same tandem, but I really think they will rotate a lot this year to keep people fresh.

This Weeks Question - Who will will be the top three running backs this coming season?

Only 3-4 are realistically going to play, and we all know that Louis Rankin will start, so who will line up behind him? There are going to be lots of candidates this Fall led by Hasty, Johnson, Shaw, Griffin, Williams, and Yakaboski.

Hasty hasn't had a standout Spring, even though it is still early, so the spots behind Louis are open.

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