Monday, May 14, 2007

The Monday Morning Wash

Last week I was in the Bahamas and had a great time toasting up in Atlantis. The internet connection down there wasn't great, so rather than struggle with it I took the week off from writing, but was able to keep up with what was going on in the Northwest.

I was surprised to read that Artem Wallace was in some potential hot water after being in a car that alledgedly was invloved in a hit and run, and potential DWI type incident. Not much out since the initial announcement so it is unclear of what his role was in the event.

On the womens basketball front Washington is playing hardball to keep June Daugherty's recruiting class together now that she has surfaced at WSU. Katelan Redmon a top in state recruit wants to follow Daugherty to WSU, but Todd Turner is making it very difficult for that to happen, and he is getting a little criticism for it form John Mc Grath of the Tribune. It will be interesting to see how this develops, but it doesn't create a lot of good feeling towards Tia Jackson in the first couple of weeks on the job. UW might force her to sit out a year if she wants to go to WSU.

The Washington men won their 29th Pac-10 Championship today at Lake Natoma, with the varsity eight and junior varsity eight crews both picking up gold medals on the day. The other two men's crews, the freshman eight and the varsity four, both captured second place to help the Huskies win their first team title since 2004. The women finished poorly which means a coaching change will most likely be made after the season concludes. The Husky men are dominate this season, and this may be their best crew in over a decade.

Senior Ryan Brown won his second-career Pac-10 title Sunday and led Washington's 4x400-meter relay to a second-place finish, keying the Husky men to a sixth-place team finish at the 2007 Pac-10 Track and Field Championships at Stanford's Cobb Track & Angell Field. Brown was one of five Husky men or women to earn first- or second-place finishes Sunday, and one of a team-record 18 to earn top-five conference finishes over the meet's two days. In addition, three Huskies on Sunday clocked times among the nation's 10-fastest this year, while five achieved marks among the top-10 in UW history. Trailing USC's Duane Solomon by 20 meters with 200 meters to go, Brown surged off the final turn to outsprint Solomon to the finish line for the win in 1 minute, 47.51 seconds, the second-fastest collegiate time this year. In so doing, Brown won back the Pac-10 title he first earned in 2005, before losing it to Solomon last year. The two currently rank first and second in the NCAA this season.

Stanford collected 16 hits, including eight for extra bases, and picked up its first Pac-10 series win of the season with a 10-7 victory over the Washington baseball team Sunday at Sunken Diamond.

The Washington softball team (35-16) earned a No. 1 seed in the 2007 NCAA Regional Tournament and will travel to Lincoln, Neb. on Wednesday. The Huskies, who are seeded sixth overall among the 64-team field and are making their third trip to Lincoln in the last five years, will open play against Creighton (39-12-1) on Friday at 2 p.m. (PST). Creighton was one of 29 schools to receive an automatic berth into the tournament after winning the Missouri Valley Conference Championship. Joining UW and Creighton at the double-elimination regional are host Nebraska (37-18) and Georgia (43-26). Nebraska and Georgia, like Washington, were among 35 schools to receive an at-large berth.

Weekly Poll Question

Which Husky Offensive Players will make All Pac Ten in 2007?

QB Jake Locker 7% (4 votes)
RB Louis Rankin 18% (10 votes)
FB Paul Homer 0% (0 votes)
WR Marcel Reese 29% (16 votes)
WR Anthony Russo 2% (1 votes)
WR Corey Williams 0% (0 votes)
TE Michael Gottleib 4% (2 votes)
TE Johnnie Kirton 5% (3 votes)
OT Chad Macklin 5% (3 votes)
OT Ben Ossai 0% (0 votes)
OG Morgan Rosborough 2% (1 votes)
OG Matt Bulyca 2% (1 votes)
C Juan Garcia 27% (15 votes)

Looks like Garcia, and Reese are the most likely offensive players in our readers mind to merit all Pac Ten honors this season. Louis Ranking was in there too! I agree with the readers and picked those three also...let's hope a few other guys join them and break through to the next level.

This weeks question is, "Should Todd Turner release Katelan Redmon from her letter to play basketball at UW?"

I hate to do another womens basketball poll, but this decision affects more than the womens basketball program, it sets a precendent on how Todd Turner will handle like issues in the future.

Husky Football

This is a real dead time of the year for football news, but the combines are starting. The Barton's had one last week which was attended by coaches up and down the West Coast. If you go over to Dawgman, Kim, Chris, and Scott will give you their take on what promises to be one of the deepest and most talented in state classes in recent memory. Chris did an excellent writeup on the combine.

No big news in recruiting, but it seems UW has the attention of the Northwest this year. Look for UW to sign 15 or more from the region this year while bringing in close to 25 overall.

UW had two players drafted in the NFL draft. Isaiah Stanback (Dallas) and Dashon Goldson (49er), each in the fourth round; those signed to free agent contracts were Kenny James and C.J. Wallace (each by the Seahawks), Stanley Daniels (Rams), Sonny Shackelford (Chargers) and Marlon Wood (Tampa Bay). Sean Douglas is still deciding which team to sign with as a free agent.

Seattle U headed back to the bigtime

Seattle University announced that they were going to move up to division one and begin life as an independent playing it's games at Key Arena. UW hopes to get the Huskies on the schedule, but don't look for that to happen anytime quickly. UW has a history of ignoring SU in basketball. Of course times have changed, at SU obviously won't be playing at a level close to UW for at least five years.

SU has an uphill road to get things back to level they were in the 50's, and 60's when they were one of the top programs on the coast. The school will notify the NCAA by May 25 that it intends to enter the 12-month exploratory period required before a school begins reclassification to Division I. There is a $15,000 deposit required, and Seattle U. also intends to hire an outside consultant to assist in the process.

Seattle U. currently is a member of the Division II Great Northwest Athletic Conference. It will remain a member of the conference next year during the exploratory period.

The reclassification will begin in 2008-09, a season spent in limbo because Seattle U. won't be a Division II school but its games won't count as Division I, either.

The school will play a full Division I schedule beginning in 2009-10, but won't be eligible to compete for Division I championships until the fall of 2012, after the four-year reclassification cycle has been completed.


prrbrr said...

John, welcome back. Hope you had as great a time as we did in Hawaii. We also had a lot of catching up to do as we ignored the markets, TV, papers and the net. Too bad about Artem, but I think many of us when we were in college did some stupid things, over imbibe but just never got caught, plus it was a different culture way back when. As for Redmon, too many kids today talk about committment, but fail to walk the path. I realize they are 17/18 year olds, but a long time ago many of these kids went into the military to find structure, order, discipline and HONOR in their lives. I probably would just let her go with no conditions but tell her she is making a mistake in her life. Oh well, it seems to be todays general acceptance of "its all about me". Anyway, welcome home

Health Insurance Expert said...

I like Hawaii better than the Bahamas, but Nassau is only three hours by plane from Chicago. The Bahamas however are more expensive than Hawaii.

I think there is more to the Artem story than we know. My guess would be he was a passenger.

I have mixed feelings on Redmon. WSU didn't do Carl Bonnell any favors when he decided to head to UW. Same with Durocher and Oregon. Once you sign the LOI it is pretty binding.

I agree with you, I would let her go, it isn't worth the bad press IMHO.

I find it interesting that Turner wanted a hiring that would cause a fresh buzz, then WSU outbuzzes him by hiring his former coach.

prrbrr said...

I actually thought that the JD hiring by WSU was a great possibility when TT was considering canning her. She already had connections in the NW, has a good track record, and was certainly an improvement over their previous coaches. She will do well, will probably beat the UW a few times in her career there, but WSU will be middle of PAC at best. Kate Redmon is her prototypical recruit. OTOH, I believe Tia will recruit more athletic women, coach them better and the UW will have a more interesting game. I also think Tia will leave soon after she reaches a higher level of success for a better east coast gig.
How soon do you think it will be before TT pulls the trigger on McElvaine, the women's crew coach. IMO, she is a goner, ? is timing. My prediction is one day after they get eliminated (if they get invited) to the IRA. May be another interesting plane ride home ala JD. One thing we must give TT credit for, it shows he will hold all UW coaches to high standards, especially in our legacy sports.
I believe TT is doing the right thing, and the precedent had been set with Bonnell (same WSU AD) and Durocher) but like you said the negative publicity of this poor little girl being beaten up by this uncaring institution isn't worth it.
I guess you were there for the opening of Atlantis, got to hang with the bling stars, huh?

Health Insurance Expert said...

The negative publicity of this poor little girl being beaten up by this uncaring institution isn't worth it.

(It works slightly different with girls in the media, and how they are portrayed. It won't be long till the writers start focusing more on it.)

How soon do you think it will be before TT pulls the trigger on McElvaine?

(This is one area where Turner probably doesn't make the complete call. Crew has it's own hierarchy led by Ernst, and the alumni. They will guide his had one way, or another.)

I actually thought that the JD hiring by WSU was a great possibility when TT was considering canning her.

(WSU and Daugherty are a great fit, but UW will come out ahead in the long run.)

I guess you were there for the opening of Atlantis, got to hang with the bling stars, huh?

(We just happened by chance to show up the weekend they were doing it, so it was pretty much a zoo. We saw plenty of celebrities,which my wife enjoyed, and I found boring. She made the case in point if Don James, or Lou Holtz was there I would be going nuts! she said this was her Super