Friday, May 04, 2007

The Weekly Poll Question

Last week we asked which Husky Defensive Players will make All Pac Ten in 2007?

Here are the results with the leaders in bold:

DT Afoa 10% (5 votes)
DT Reffett 2% (1 votes)
DE Gunheim 24% (12 votes)
DE Teo Nesheim 6% (3 votes)
ILB Butler 12% (6 votes)
SLB Howell 22% (11 votes)
WLB Savannah 4% (2 votes)
CB Lewis 10% (5 votes)
CB Davenport 4% (2 votes)
S Wells 6% (3 votes)
S Forrester 2% (1 votes)

I personally voted for Howell, Lewis, and Gunheim figuring picking the seniors was a pretty safe bet. Gunheim was the top vote getter even though he was coming off a sub par season. Howell followed one vote behind. I honestly thought Lewis, and Afoa would get a few more votes. Lewis is one of the league's better cornerbacks, and Afoa just needs a little help from Reffett, or Elisara to get a little more space to operate in. I am pretty sure butler will be all league before he leaves Montlake, not sure if he moves up to that status in his second year.

This weeks question

Which Husky Offensive Players will make All Pac Ten in 2007?

We all expect a tough defense, but who is going to break out on offense in 2007? One of this teams biggest problems has been not scoring enough points, hopefully that will change this year.

Once again the list is made up of the most likely starters, so vote for as many as you wish, but you only get to vote once.

One more quick note

I am going to be on vacation next week, and I am not exactly sure what the internet situation is going to be in the Bahamas, or how much time I am going to have to be writing.

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