Friday, May 18, 2007

The Weekly Poll Question

If you read Jim Moore's column today in the PI you will notice that he talked with the Redmon Family last week and here is part of what they had to say.

Turner maintains that Redmon signed a letter of intent to the school, not the coach. If she is not released, Redmon will lose a year of eligibility. The Redmons are appealing the decision.
"The day he let June go, he changed the deal," Chuck Redmon said. Chuck Redmon said the family was not informed that Daugherty had five months left on her contract when Katelan signed in November. "We got the impression she was going to be there forever," he said. "There was a misrepresentation of what we'd been told."

I find it interesting that the Redmon family feel that the coach who was recruiting their daughter, June Daugherty, was misleading during her recruitment. Despite that comment they want to renege on the letter of intent to follow June Daugherty to WSU. The fact that Daugherty was on the hot seat this season was no surprise if you read the newspaper after milking the cows.

To be honest those comments make me feel a whole lot less sympathetic about the situation, even though it is unfortunate. When you sign a Letter of Intent it is to the school, not the coach.

Katelan, enjoy a year milking cows before heading off to WSU.

Should Todd Turner release Katelan Redmon from her letter to play basketball at UW?

Yes 54% (7 votes)

No 23% (3 votes)

Release Katelan, but not to WSU 15% (2 votes)

Release Katelan, but not inside the Pac Ten 8% (1 votes)

The yes's have it by one vote if you consider the fact that there were three variations of the NO question. For the record I voted to release Katelan, but not to WSU. You can't allow your ex coach to pluck current recruits, it just doesn't happen.

This weeks poll question:

Which Freshmen will make an impact in the secondary in 2007?

I included a couple of guys like Logan and Yakaboski who will likely end up elsewhere, but all these kids are going to get a strong look this August to see if they can contribute immediately. Once again this is multiple choice so vote for as many as you want.

I have a pretty good idea who the two or three will be based on what I have heard, but nothing really counts till they hit the field and start knocking heads.

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