Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Pac Ten Alley

We start the day with some very bad news, June Daugherty is hospitalized in Everett after suffering an apparent heart attack. Let's all take a little time to pray for her recovery.

June Daugherty, the Washington State women's basketball coach and former Washington coach, was in critical condition at an Everett hospital Tuesday night. A Providence Everett Medical Center spokeswoman confirmed that Daugherty was hospitalized in critical condition at the Colby Campus, but declined to give more information. KIRO-TV reported that Daugherty collapsed Tuesday afternoon after suffering an apparent heart attack. She was given CPR, a source told the station.

Off topic, the Sonic's picked up the second pick in the lottery which means they will draft either Ohio State's Oden, or Texas's Durant. Clay Bennett the owner of the lame duck franchise celebrated by announcing the team could be headed to Kansas City, Las Vegas, or Oklahoma City. All three of those markets are much smaller than Seattle, and a move to any of them could spell even more financial disaster down the road for the Sonic's new owner who is now starting to resemble Ken Behring. The Sonic's of course can't survive in Seattle without a new arena, but the alternatives just aren't very appealing either. Too bad he can't arrange a trade with Paul Allen for the Portland franchise. Now that is a possible alternative that nobody has been talking about.

Luther Carr

Dan Raley of the PI writes about Husky Legend Luther Carr. There were a number of Carr's who played for the Huskies over the years who were related to Luther. In fact Husky CB Matt Mosley is his grandson. He also has a niece currently on the track team, and a nephew who is on a basketball scholarship at His brothers include, David Carr, former a UW basketball player, and Gary Carr, a former UW football player, His son Luther walked on at UW, was head coach at Garfield, did a stint as an assistant at UW, and now is an assistant at Idaho. Luther was the founder of great Husky Family Legacy.

Nicknamed "Hit and Run" Carr, he was foremost a football running back, considered such a can't-miss talent after scoring 20-plus touchdowns as a senior at Lincoln that Washington, UCLA and Illinois waged an illicit bidding war to secure his talents. The Bruins were so interested they twice brought him to Los Angeles on recruiting visits. They took him to nightclubs and introduced him to celebrities. Each school trumped the other with cash offers to Carr that were double and triple the monthly $75 scholarship limit set by the NCAA, a widespread way of doing business before the scandalous conduct was publicly exposed.

Pac Ten Alley

WSU makes a rare, late change in it's coaching staff.

Ken Greene, cornerbacks coach at Washington State, has been dismissed from the football staff.
A source familiar with the situation said Greene was fired because of incidents of misconduct. A source within the athletic department said Greene wasn't dismissed for insubordination.

Over at USC they take a look at the next Reggie Bush. Rumors still fly about the recruitment of Mc Knight.

Reggie Bush went from USC to New Orleans and the "next" Reggie is going from New Orleans to USC.Reverse direction, isn't that what the great tailbacks do? If this seems like tossing an expectations piano on the back of a kid days removed from his senior prom, well, 1) no one seems to mind and 2) maybe you haven't seen Joe McKnight's highlights on YouTube.

California is ranked 10th by Athlon.

Athlon Sports has ranked the UC Berkeley football team No. 11 in its preseason Top 25. The magazine has also selected DeSean Jackson as a Preseason First Team All-American and Alex Mack as a Second Team All-America honoree. The magazine hits newsstands on June 5.

OSU's hopes are fading for a repeat.

Arizona State beat Oregon State for the third straight day on Sunday. The score was 8-1 in favor of Arizona State. Arizona State scored more runs than Oregon State had base runners.
It was a fitting end to another sub-par series, with the Beavers only getting one run, one hit, and five base runners. The team that was predicted to finish second in the Pac-10 is now second to last, and with one series left, they have to sweep to have any hope of making regionals.

Oregon wins the Pac Ten Track and Field Championship

As I've said before, I'm not a big fan of track. But props to the men's track team, who won the Pac-10 title over the weekend. Oregon got critical points down the stretch to edge Arizona 114-111 (whatever the hell that means). Props to the track team, and best of luck at NCAAs.

It is the end of spring in Westwood and the drums still beat for the dismissal of Karl Dorrell.

Is the offensive this bad? The Bruins laid an egg most of spring and were particularly impotent during the spring game, scoring only a field goal before being placed into red-zone situations. That could be growing pains with a new coordinator or it could be ...

Age doesn't seem to be hindering Lute Olson at Arizona.

If other schools make Lute Olson’s age an issue on the recruiting trail, the players don’t appear to be listening. Olson, 72, is in the midst of another standout recruiting class for the 2008-09 season, including the commitment Tuesday of Brandon Jennings, considered by some recruiting services to be the top point guard in his class.

Will Stanford football ever recover?

This is no time to panic or prepare to “pack up the program.” Whether or not Jim Harbaugh is the answer, Stanford football has survived multi-year slumps before and will survive this one.My thought: The “pack up the program” line was meant to be in jest, although that might not have come through in writing. And yes, Stanford football has survived slumps before, and Harbaugh might revive the program. But the gap between the haves and have-nots is growing in these days of the BCS, and in 15-20 years it will be even greater. I’m not saying Stanford should lower its admissions standards, or that it should pay a football coach twice as much as a Nobel Prize winner — only that it’s going to be tougher to compete consistently in the Pac-10 if it doesn’t. That’s a choice the university will have to make.

In the absence of football news the House of Heat turns it's eye toward the ASU baseball team which just may be the best in the land this year.

In the abysmal absence of football news, I find myself reading more abot the baseball Sun Devils than ever before. There is a great article by Jeff Metcalfe in today's AZ Republic about the upcoming seres with UA that will determine the Pac-10 title. This little tidbit is what caught my eye: Tuesday is the 40th anniversary of what is widely regarded as the greatest ASU-UA baseball game.In a playoff for the 1967 Western Athletic Conference Southern Division title in front of 8,314 Phoenix Municipal Stadium, ASU's Gary Gentry pitched a 15-inning complete game on two days' rest in a 3-2 ASU win.


prrbrr said...

Best wishes to JD for a speedy recovery. It highlights what stress can do to you. Already in a high stress career, getting fired, new job and moving all add up to more headaches and pressure.
As for Luther Carr, what a good one. I knew David at UW , he was a nice guy too. Too bad we didn't use Luther more on the field.

Health Insurance Expert said...

I was born in 1958, and the 60 Rose Bowl is my earliest rememberance of Husky football, so I missed seeing Luther. My father who was a big fan said he was special, but was never allowed to showcase his ability.

I do remember David Carr, and he was quite a basketball player in the 60's. Gary was the Huskies leading receiver in 1964.