Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Weekly Poll Question

Last week we asked: Which Freshmen will make an impact in the secondary in 2007?

Victor Aiyewa 12% (3 votes)

Quinton Richardson 20% (5 votes)

Nate Williams 20% (5 votes)

Marquis Persley 4% (1 votes)

Vonzell Mc Dowell 36% (9 votes)

Alvin Logan 8% (2 votes)

Brandon Yakaboski 0% (0 votes)

The majority of you picked McDowell followed by Richardson and Williams. I think Logan will play this year, but not as a DB, I think he ends up sticking at WR. McDowell should get a long look returning kicks. Richardson is physically ready to play, same for Williams. The coaches are very high on Aiyewa, but he could use a year of seasoning since he has only been playing two years. Once again it is a crapshoot because none of us know till they knock heads this Summer.

This week we ask you : Who will be the top five teams in the Pac Ten this year?

Once again it is a multiple choice question, so pick your top five finishers. I think it is going to more wide open than people think in the Pac Ten. USC will start the season at #1 in the country, but this is a team that lost to Oregon State, and UCLA last year. Will Washington climb back up into the upper half this season?

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