Saturday, June 02, 2007

Husky Mens Crew Wins the National Championship

Washington won their first IRA title and completed their first undefeated season since 1997 today, and took their first Ten Eyck points trophy since 1970, after winning the national men's eights title with a powerful, commanding, and almost workaday performance; they didn't make it quite look easy, but neither did it ever really seem in doubt. And it's not like there wasn't a race right behind them; the race for the medals resulted in a dead heat for second between Stanford, and Harvard, a hair under one second behind Washington. Brown was only 0.8 second behind them, followed by Cal, and Princeton. While Washington was the class of the field this was one of the better races in years from a competitive standpoint.

California finished a dissapointing fourth, and they may have rowed their best race in the semi-finals in which they turned in the best time of the three day event. This is the Huskies' first varsity eight championship at the Intercollegiate Rowing Association (IRA) regatta since 1997 and 12th national title overall. Washington went a span of almost twenty years without participating in the IRA's because of scheduling conflicts with finals.

Varsity Eight Grand Final

1. Washington 05:33.165
2. Stanford 05:34.125
2. Harvard 05:34.125
4. Brown 05:34.981
5. California 05:40.126
6. Princeton 05:43.419


The focus is usually on purple in the University of Washington color scheme. Saturday the primary color for the school's rowers was gold. Three crews gathered gold medals in one of the most rewarding days in Husky crew history. Washington won its 12th varsity eight national championship, while the second varsity and open four boats also garnered gold during the final day of the men's Intercollegiate Rowing Association (IRA) championships on the Cooper River.


1. Washington 216
2. Harvard 191
3. California 190
4. Brown 185
5. Cornell 157
6. Princeton 147
7. Wisconsin 142
8. Yale 141
9. Northeastern 123
10. Stanford 112


prrbrr said...

one down (crew) one to go (softball). Get er done

Health Insurance Expert said...

Nice win for Ernst, cal and Harvard have had a hold on the championship for awhile.

Johnny Miller said...

why are there girls on the Men's Rowing Team? Are men allowed to join the women's team ? Whay are there separate teams if you can join either one ? Thanks

Johnny Miller. '87