Friday, June 22, 2007

The Weekly Poll Question

Who is the greatest kicker in Husky Football History?

The vote is in and you guys have chosen Chuck Nelson who had an incredible streak at UW which ended in a missed kick against WSU in the finale which cost the Huskies a Rose Bowl berth. Second was Jaeger who I think was a better overall kicker evidenced by his longevity in the pro's. I went with Nelson.

Chuck Nelson 52% (13 votes)
Mike Lansford 4% (1 votes)
John Anderson 8% (2 votes)
Travis Hanson 4% (1 votes)
Steve Robbins 0% (0 votes)
Steve Wiezbowski 0% (0 votes)
Jeff Jaeger 32% (8 votes)
Don Martin 0% (0 votes)

This weeks question:

Will Washington open with a victory on the road against Syracuse?

On paper you have to say yes, but the game isn't on paper, and we have a RS QB starting the game, what do you think?


Anonymous said...

Although we are considered “close” matches for this game, Syracuse has more depth, more experience, and is probably more motivated to win with the home field advantage. They are deep and experienced at running back, have an excellent group of experienced wide receivers, and significantly out-match us at tight end. To make matters worse, five of their offensive line has plenty of game experience and three of them were starters last season. Coach Robinson has his offense fired up, and wanting to make a statement on opening day. He has done much to establish stability on the OL during spring practices, and unlike last year he is rumored to have tuned in his offense to play more to the strength of his existing players. Something we could learn form. On defense, he and his staff have both experienced linebackers as well as a solid D line. The D has depth, and will have a good rotation of players. This will be a very difficult game for us to win, and I will not be surprised at all by a loss. Just being realistic. With a loss out of the gate, it will be a long & probably ugly season.

Health Insurance Expert said...

Syracuse won't actually have the edge at RB because their top RB is out for the season after being injured this Spring. I have to give UW the edge on paper. If UW executes and limit's mistakes they should come out on top.