Thursday, June 14, 2007

UW Fires Womens Crew Coach

Todd Turner makes the call on this one, and it serves notice that nothing but West Coat Championships are tolerated at UW as far as Women's Crew is concerned. Considering the fact that UW dominated the sport for years makes it a good move at this point as the program has slipped toward mediocrity.

The University of Washington has fired head women's rowing coach Eleanor McElvaine, with one year remaining on her contract. "The women's rowing program at Washington has a history of great success on a national level," athletic director Todd Turner said in a statement announcing the firing on Wednesday. "Being among the country's top programs presents a number of challenges, not the least of which is maintaining our ability to compete for national championships."

Will Todd be that quick to pull the trigger in year four of Ty if needed?


Anonymous said...

With regard to how Turner will handle Willingham, the same comments were made when Daugherty was fired. The comparison is outlandish. Both Daugherty and McElvaine took over healthy, winning programs at or near the top of their games (McElvaine even more so than Daugherty). Willingham took over after the worst season in UW football history. The playing field is completely and totally different ... building a team back up from its lowest of lows vs. continuing to maintain powerhouse status (particularly with regard to the crew team).

Health Insurance Expert said...

For the record I am totally PRO TY, and a big fan of the coach, and the person. I bet he retires at UW, at least I am rooting for that to happen. You are completely right in asserting that it is apples, and oranges when it comes to comparing the football program with womens basketball, and crew.

We do however need to ask questions like that to spur discussion. If everything was vanilla it would be pretty boring.

I personally think Husky football was at it's lowest level in over fifty years when Ty arrived, and I think it would have taken any coach five years to clean up the mess that was left behind.

prrbrr said...

Once again, TT had the wherewithal to demand excellence in our programs showing no gender bias. You either hack it or out. Both good comments about taking over programs in various states of despair or excellence. I too am a TW believer, my concern is his loyalty and keeping Baer as DC if things start to go south. I think he will as he is too loyal to a fault. Sad to say, but I had to fire my friend as #2 because my squadron was going down, it was a yough call buy necessary, Hope things won'y get to that point this season.

Anonymous said...

Ty is going anywhere. He had very good recruiting class last year and this year looks better. When we lose an assistant, he hires a better one. UW has a great coaching staff. Last year would have been a breakout year if Stanback hadn't gone down.

Health Insurance Expert said...

The Stanback injury, and subsequent injury to Bonnell really put a damper on what looked like a breakthrough season.

I don't have a problem with Baer, I think the defense will once again be improved. The loyalty deal is a valid question, those two have been together for over a decade, don't expect them to split up. they came in together and will go out together.