Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Weekly Poll Question

Last week we asked this question:

Will Washington open with a victory on the road against Syracuse?

Yes 72% (13 votes)
No 28% (5 votes)

I was among those who voted yes, and I bet we had a couple of Syracuse people helping out in the no category. I don't think it will be a cakewalk, but UW should win this one, if they don't it is going to be a long season.

This weeks question is:

Who is the greatest Tight End in Husky history?

UW has cranked out quite a few great TE's over the years. The biggest run came during the Don James years. Here are a few that deserve mention for being among the greatest. Dave Williams was what they called an END back in his days at UW. He went on to be an all pro receiver with the Cardinals after a stellar career in the mid 60's. People debate a bit Williams, but he lined up all over the field. Lot's of great names there, and there aren't really any bad choices, have at it, and see you guys's after the 4th!


Anonymous said...

Bjornson played flanker at UW and was moved to tight end in Dallas.

Anonymous said...

Might be too soon to leave the last question about beating Syracuse.

Have you seen EDSBS today?


Health Insurance Expert said...

Thanks for the link....the Huskies aren't going to get respect till they start winning some games.