Friday, June 15, 2007

The Weekly Poll Question

Who is the greatest Quarterback in Husky History?

The voters went with Marques, who was closely followed by Warren Moon. What do they have in common? Taking their underdog teams to the Rose Bowl of course against all odds. Both Rose Bowl apearances came after a drought of many years.

If you want to look at who made the best pro's it is hands down Moon, and the late Don Heinrich. Don's teams came close to a Rose Bowl, but California stopped them at the goal line. Both Warren, and Don are NFL Hall of Fame quarterbacks.

Who was the best QB just during his Husky career? Billy Joe Hobert never lost a game while at UW, and Mark Brunnell participated in three Rose Bowls. The guy I would have picked however was Chris Chandler who was surrounded by a less than stellar supporting cast while at UW. You notice he didn't get any votes, and for some reason the thing locked me out of the voting. Brock Huard was pretty darn good too, but like Chandler didn't have the horses around him to take it over the top. Sonny Six didn't get a single vote which was surprising.

I love Marques about one man strapping a team on his back, willing them to win, and he comes to mind. You can never forget the Stanford game when he rallied the team to victory after the injury to Curtis Williams. Then of course he demolished Purdue in the Rose Bowl leading the Huskies to a #3 ranking in the polls.

Don Heinrich 3% (1 votes)
Bob Schloredt 3% (1 votes)
Sonny Sixkiller 0% (0 votes)
Warren Moon 31% (9 votes)
Tom Flick 0% (0 votes)
Steve Pelleur 0% (0 votes)
Chris Chandler 0% (0 votes)
Mark Brunnel 3% (1 votes)
Billy Joe Hobert 17% (5 votes)
Damon Huard 0% (0 votes)
Brock Huard 7% (2 votes)
Marques Tuiasosopo 34% (10 votes)

This Weeks Question:

Who is the greatest kicker in Husky Football history?

We have had some great kickers over the years, and most were actually walk-ons when they got here. The lack of a great kicker kept Jim Lambright out of Pasadena, but he made amends by recruiting a kid from Florida by the name of John Anderson who played an integral part in the last Rose Bowl run. To refresh your memory Don Martin a kicker from the 60's was basically the Huskies whole offense during the down years, and he co-holds the record for the longest field goal with Mr. Anderson. For trivia buff's Hugh McElhenny was also a kicker while at UW, and he still pops up in the record book here and there as a kicker.

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