Monday, June 30, 2008

The Monday Morning Wash

Dick Baird keeps banging the drum for Coach Willingham over at Dawgman with another article about how he is the right guy, at the right time. Good for Dick, and I am not going to rain on his parade, we are only a month away fromt he start of practice and a breath of positive wind won't hurt anyone.

I agree with the paragraph below, but I also think that Willingham has never approached the job with the amount of urgency required. He gets one more year to get it right, and I will still be rooting for him, and the team to win more than they lose and head to a bowl game.

Personally, I can’t believe any coach has ever taken over a program in more disarray than the one Willingham inherited in 2005. The previous year the Huskies bottomed out when the rug was pulled out from under Keith Gilbertson before the season had ended. The resulting 1-10 record was an accurate reflection of both the lack of administrative support, coaching problems and a decreased talent level. All of it combined to perpetuate a state of disorganization and scandal which had plagued the whole athletic program for the previous four years.

JR Hasty, and Jordan Murchison got the official boot off the team last week. Murchison has enough credits to graduate, and Hasty is probably going to transfer to Central Washington which seems to be the place Huskies go these days when things don't work out at UW.

Willingham as usual had no comment, in fact he hasn't had a public comment in months.

Hasty said he hoped to return to the team this year, saying "I was ready to come back, but it wasn't in my power or control.'' He said one of his biggest frustrations is that his situation wasn't resolved earlier. He said his parents urged him to leave for good last fall but he wanted to try to make it work at UW. He is the son of former WSU defensive back and longtime NFL veteran James Hasty. "I just wanted to stay because I felt like the team was family and this was my home state,'' he said. "But that didn't work out.''

If you are looking for the first commit of 2008 you probably won't have to wait much longer since the Huskies are in the midst of running their annual camp. UW usually picks up a couple of verbals by the end of this event. Stay tuned to Dawgman for more details on what is going on recruiting wise.

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