Saturday, June 07, 2008

Wisconsin Edges Washington

As you can tell these were just smoking hot times turned in by both Wisconsin, and Washington in the Grand Final today, but the undefeated Badgers were able to hang on to upset the top rated Huskies.

1. University of Wisconsin 05:31.173
2. University of Washington 05:32.894
3. University of California Berkeley 05:39.021
4. Northeastern University 05:42.399
5. Stanford University 05:43.324
6. Columbia University 05:44.565

On New Jersey's Cooper River, the Huskies' defending champion men's varsity eight crew lost for the first time in two years and 19 races, finishing four seats behind the Big Ten school Saturday in the Intercollegiate Rowing Association championships. The resurgent Badgers won their first national title in 18 seasons.

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