Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Quote of the Year so far

Nice work by Jerry Brewer of the Seattle Times at the exit of M's GM Bill Bavasi.

I asked Bavasi on Monday about Bedard's pitch-count threshold. After bouncing between defending and explaining Bedard, the axed GM — clearly exasperated — said I needed to ask the pitcher.

"You gotta ask him," Bavasi said. "You gotta ask him. Good luck. And he's gonna have some stupid answer, some dumbass answer."


hairofthedawg said...

You know my favorite baseball blog and I'm in full agreement with them. I wonder if Antonetti would come to a feed though....

John Berkowitz said...

The thing with the Mariners is money and quality of life are second to none in MLB. So we have a realistic shot at getting anyone.

The problem is on top, Lincoln might have to go if there is going to be a change in philosophy.

Antonetti sounds like a good choice, if I was in charge I would go with a young phenom.

The Mariners on the other hand will be more inclined to go with an old scholl guy like Beattie, or Towers.