Thursday, June 12, 2008

Poll Question

How many yards per game will the Huskies gain on offense this year?

475 7% (5 votes)
450 12% (8 votes)
425 46% (31 votes)
400 18% (12 votes)
375 3% (2 votes)
350 3% (2 votes)
325 6% (4 votes)
300 1% (1 votes)
Other: 4% (3 votes)

The majority of you guys went with 425 which would be a pretty good average with a completly new set of skill players surrounding Jake Locker in 2008.

This weeks question:

Who is going to be the new Athletic Director?

This is the list of candidates that have been talked about in the press so far, but I am sure there are a couple of other names on the list that haven't become public yet. So feel free to add your own write in candidates.

Chris Hill Utah
Bob Stull UTEP
Bill Moos Oregon (Retired)
Steve Lopes USC
Bubba Cunningham Tulsa
Craig Angelos Florida Atlantic

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