Saturday, December 02, 2006

Defensive Line

The Husky defensive line kept improving last year but lacked an impact interior lineman to take the heat off of Wilson Afoa. Jordan White-Frisbee was supposed to be that guy but foot injuries have forced him to move to the offensive line. The Huskies lose Mateaki, and Ala who were both highly coveted recruits who had dissapointing carreers.

Going into Spring seniors Greyson Gunheim, Wilson Afoa, Jordan Reffert, and sophomore Daniel Teo'Nesheim should be the starters. Contending to back them up will be some talent that redshirted last year, JC transfer Atkins, So Jones, RS Elisara, and RS Matthews. Seniors Lobos, and Rayford return to round out the depth. Jr O'Connor probably won't see the field and is a candidate to be one of those guys who leave after four years. RS Kosub make some strides this year but is probably a year away at this point but still promising. Randy Hart had encouraging things to say about all members of the 2006 recruiting class and look for them to compete for playing time this year.

Defensive Line (4)

The Huskies have great depth and will be graduating five seniors in 2007 so the Huskies need to add a solid class which is a notch above talent wise to those that will be leaving. Currently we don't have any verbals at this point, and it isn't exactly a great year in the West for Defensive linemen. If you look at the recruiting lists provided by the services the Huskies have four known offers out for DT's with Wood being the most promising at this time. At DE they have four offers out too but nobody has really emerged with great interest at this point.

What is going to happen?

There is a definite need in this class for four players to groom for the future, just who they are going to be is anyone's guess at this point since the highly coveted recruits we have offered seem to be looking elsewhere. Over the next three weeks it should become more clear who the Huskies have a chance with. Last year we had a pretty strong class, following it up with another one of equal or better talent is going to be a challenge with the numbers out there currently.


prrbrr said...

Hie, the great unknown is still unprogrammed attrition suring the off season, ie: grades, legal troubles, transfer due to perceived lack of playing time ala BBall Harvey. We seem to average (as do other programs) around 2-3 a year. Hopefully, the losses won't be in critical areas of need. I am still curious as to how many and what year TW allocates this incoming class, as with JD now gone, he has another scholly to work with. I see 25-30 available so he really needs to bring in a few guys who can count against last years class. I have given up on Palmer, but just read that the backup Texas QB has decided to transfer. If he came to UW, he wouldn't solve our problem of QBs available to play as he would have to sit out a year, but could run the scout team. I think a better bet would be a JC QB with 3 to play. Of course that guy has to have enough talent to be able to play if needed, so no Ryan Porters (a RN JC offer) who lasted less than 1 quarter at UW. Gosh, do I love what UCLA did.

hairofthedawg said...

The Bruins definitely surprised me when I woke up and saw the score. It almost made my visit to the wildwestsports board worth my time for a change. I enjoyed that board back when SC was having some of the same problems the rest of the teams do.

Coach W's got kind of a damned if you do and damned if you don't situation on his hands. He's got all the scholarships he could want available but I'm not sure they should be filled for the sake of being filled. I don't think he'll do that but like john says, the talent just might not be there. I'm hoping for some good news after the visits start.

Harvey Perry disappointed me but I've never been in that situation. I wonder if he saw the potential of those he was competing with or is just impatient. Had he stuck around and fought his way into the lineup, he would definitely get noticed. He had 3 yrs. left to do so. At least I feel Husky basketball will get a lot of exposure in come years.

prrbrr said...

Well, so far so good. I was pretty impressed by the high ratio of commits versus visits. Ir was also great to hear that Sylvester will probably count against the 2006 class. Almost like a freebie commit. With Fosters commit, I now understand why we didn't (or couldn't) offer JC Tony Fein. I just hope that these off the radar commits pan out, they sound like what we are looking for. Still need a safety (Bland) some CBs, and OL and DT/DEs. Aldrich is a very pleasant surprise as he didn't think too highly of us just 3 week ago. Hope the staff finishes on him later this week.

prrbrr said...

Johnb, FWIW, one of my great will do's is to learn ballroom dancing with my wife. We will probably take lessons after she retires. We were enamored when we were at the UW and saw a brother/sister combo who were magnificent. Now that dancing with the stars is popular with the public, it just adds to our desire to get it done. Of course, we might need walkers by the time we get ready for those lessons. Good on you for getting it done at an early age.

Health Insurance Expert said...

Things change quickly this time of year, and Aldrich, and Foster are both good gets that will put heat on the QB. Sylvester reminds me of Hoffman, good size and speed to plug up the middle. The Huskies will probably only take one more at LB. they have some good one's on the board to choose from.

Coach Simmons has been busy in Colorado, that is three commits so far from the Denver area. Davis visited UCLA last weekend and he may head there, he enjoyed the trip...beating SC while he was there I'm sure stoked the excitement.

They are looking at a couple of JC safeties, Mixon, and Dawson. Dawson has 3 to play 4 and will visit in two weeks, he can qualify for Winter quarter. No word on when Mixon will visit, but he has an offer. Not certain he can get in before Fall. Davenport is a JC corner they are looking at. I like Fein, but would rather have a kid's that can play for 4-5 years. We just didn't have an immediate need inside.

As for ballroom dancing it wasn't too bad, now we can do a few things out there when we set out mind to it. To get real good you need to spend a year or two doing it, and it isexpensive $50-$100 a lesson for crying out loud. We just wanted to get through the wedding.