Friday, December 15, 2006

Recruiting Summary

Washington has 13 visits set up so far for the week after Christmas with the cream of California mixed in with 4 current verbals to help the cause along. That means at least nine who haven't verbaled will be visiting Montlake with a few more surprises to be invited.

The Huskies currently have 21 commitments, three of them counting for 2006. They will take up to thirty if they can make room. To take 30 they need two more early enrollee's. Drew Davis falls in that category. JC's count toward 2006 too, but it remains to be seen if Washington will be able to get Dawson, or Thompson in on time. Right now it looks like they have 28 spots open.

On Offense Washington needs two more committments on the line. Koloto could pop by the end of the week, and Paleilei is working on his SAT's. Both are good bets to commit to UW. Dever, and Weems are more longshots, but I can't see the Dawg's passing up on either if they want to come. In addition to that they would take a WR/DB like Drew Davis, or Reggie Dunn to round out the class. The addition of either of these guys would be the icing on the cake. Davis is going to make a decision between CAL, UCLA, Oregon, and UW by the end of the week. I think it will come down to UW, and UCLA.

On Defensive the Huskies would like to take two more on the line. Nick Wood is about to make a decision, and the Huskies are probably going to be it. Matt Masifilo from Hawaii recently put UW in his final three, but he is leaning toward Stanford. I think we may be filled up at LB.

The Huskies have lots of potential suitors to fill out the defensive backfield. The Huskies could take as many as four more DB's. At CB Eddie Wide who visited last week could pop before the New Year. CB David Ross is a soft commit to Nebraska who will still visit along with WR/CB Reggie Dunn.

On the JC front Hilton, and Thompson have fallen off the board, and Davenport is headed to WSU. The Huskies still are trying to find a couple of kids who can get in early and contribute next year. Omar Bolden, and Shane Horton are the top two HS safeties left on the board. Both are highly rated, have high interest, and have offers. Horton is intriuging to the Huskies because he can also play QB if needed. He might make a good insurance policy for next year when only three QB's will be on the roster. Long term though he is a DB.

Offense (11-14)

QB Ron Fouch (Verbal-Red) California (Counts toward 2006)

TB Willie Griffin (Verbal-Blue) California

TB Curtis Shaw (Verbal-Blue) California

TB Brandon Johnson California (Verbal-Blue)

WR Drew Davis (Good Interest -Blue) Colorado (Counts toward 2006)

WR Anthony Boyles (Verbal-Blue) California

WR Devin Aguilar (Verbal-Blue) Colorado

WR Alvin Logan (Verbal-Red) Colorado
TE Chris Izbicki (Verbal-Blue) Washington

OL Imeka Iweka (Verbal-Red) Washington

OL Scott Schugert (Verbal-Red) Oregon

OL Pou Paleilei (High Interest-Blue) Nevada

OL Fred Koloto (High Interest - Red)) California (Visits this weekend)

OL Skyler Fancher (Verbal-Red) California

OL Taylor Dever California (Blue), Darrion Weems California (Blue)

Defense (8-14)

DT Nick Wood (High Interest-Red) California

DT Tyrone Duncan California (White) Matt Masifilo Blue Hawaii

DE Billy Winn-Red Nevada, Ernest Owusu-Red New Jersey

DE Kelani Aldrich (Verbal-Red) Hawaii

MLB Austin Sylvester (Verbal-White) New Jersey (Counts toward 2006)

WLB Mason Foster (Verbal-White) California

SLB Howard Bowens California (High Interest - Red), Chike Amajoyi California (High Interest - Red)

CB Jared Campbell (Verbal-Red) Colorado

CB Vonzell Mc Dowell (Verbal-Blue) Washington

CB David Ross California - Blue, Eddie Wide - Red Nevada, Reggie Dunn California Blue, James Davis California Blue

Omar Bolden California (High Interest - Red) Shane Horton California (High Interest - Red)

S Brandon Yakaboski (Verbal - White) Washington

S Quinton Richardson (Verbal - Red) Washington

S Nate Williams (Verbal - Red) Washington

Specialties (2-2)

K Kevin Folk (Verbal - Red) California

P Jared Ballman (Verbal - Red) California JC (Counts toward 2006)

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