Thursday, December 28, 2006

Huskies have tough time with USC

Washington still hasn't gotten it's road legs, and it showed last night against a less talented but solid USC team. The Huskies had to rally in the tight game to tie it on two Brockman free throws at the end to send the contest into overtime. The Huskies were sloppy in the first half but rallied to take a 36-31 lead at intermission, but the lead evaporated int he second half as USC matched the Huskies and kept their high scoring act under control with stiff defense. In overtime the teams were pretty even till the last minute when USC took a 3 point lead. The Huskies pulled it out again with a last minute three pointer from Spencer Hawes to send the game into a second OT. USC took advantage of a short-handed Washington team in the second overtime as four Huskies fouled out before it was over to pull away for an 86-79 victory.

Other Pac Ten Basketball Action

Oregon had little problem with Portland winning 76-49... . California fell to Arizona 94-85... . Stanford bested Arizona St 71-60... . Top ranked UCLA was taken to the wire by scrappy and improving WSU 55-52. alot of teams are going to have problems with the improving Coug's and their off beat tempo.

Cal Dispatches Texas A&M in Holiday Bowl

Cal was impressive in a 45-10 win over Texas A&M tonight in the Holiday Bowl. The healthy Bear's were able to show the speed they used running up an early 8-0 record in outclassing the Aggie's and giving the Pac Ten a much needed bowl win

Marshawn Lynch ran for 111 yards and two touchdowns, and the No. 20 Golden Bears' defense played impressively in a 45-10 win over No. 21 Texas A&M on Thursday night. Nate Longshore threw for a touchdown and ran for another, and Lynch's backup, Justin Forsett, ran for 124 yards and one score.


hairofthedawg said...

That's the type of team I was led to believe the Bears were. A little bit of redemption for the conference anyway.

Cal and WSU surprised me in hoops and it doesn't bode well for the Huskies that the Bruins might have had a fire lit under them.

I was watching the game online at work and had to go do something right as Brockman sank the free throws. I tried to stretch it out, but it didn't work. It was a bummer, but not a surprise when I went back and saw we had lost. I thought it would happen in the first OT with our foul trouble, but I was impressed that they sent it to a second. It's the type of game the team will learn from and I expect a few more of those. I hope they go nuts on the Bruins.

Health Insurance Expert said...

The Bear's were slowed by injuries in the second half of the year, when healthy they were the best team on the coast as they showed last night.

Last nights game can be summed up as sloppy and courageous. I agree it is a lesson on how tough it is to win on the road in this league and how important splits will be in the final standings. Once again too many turnovers, not enough points from the bench, and most importantly they didn't go witht he bread and butter inside enough.

prrbrr[ said...

johnb, we went to the gamelast night. Our observations, 30 fouls to 18 for USC. The refs did not let the teams play, many blown calls for both teams. Galen center was nice, still a lot of unfinished areas but will be primo when complete. Our seats were in oblique corner but we moved to halfcourt 10 min after tipoff. Dawgs made many mistakes, but starters were poor, If not for Apples the game would have been rout. Reserves did well Dentmon was terrible, QPon not much better, Oliver adequate, Brockman not good offensively, but didn't get many boards after first 5 minutes. Hawes was pretty much shut down until second half. We got cleaned on the bpards in second half and overtimes, losing 4 of starting five did not help. Gasser, Burmeister minus a couple of bad passes , did ok as reserves, Nelson pretty quiet. My thoughts are refs took the game away. I am not one who usually criticizes the reffing, just seemed to many ricky tack calls. Probably around 100 or so of us Husky fans. BENCH did well, starters did not!!!