Friday, December 01, 2006


Washington had improved play at linebacker this year even though they were a little soft in the middle. Scott White had an excellent senior year outside, and Taj Bomar filled in well during the first half of the season in the middle before making way for true frosh Donald Butler who came on strong before a calf injury set him back. Butler was the story of the year as the two star recruit came in and made an impact right away. Dan Howell had a good year pushing Scott White to the outside. He will return for his final year as a Husky and will contend for honors along the way. Chris Stevens who made some impact as a frosh last year played behind White all year but still made progress and should be penciled in as a starter for next season.

Going into Spring Butler, Howell, and Stevens will be the starters pushed by Tuiasosopo, and Savannah. The later two were coming back from injuries and I think after a year shaking off the rust should be impact players in 2007. Savannah missed a few games early and was hindered by a large cast on his arm. Tui was expected to contend for the starting job but fell behind Bomar, and Butler. Kyle Trew emerged from the pack and had a surprisingly solid year as a backup. UW will go into 2007 with six solid LB's with experience, and RS Matt Houston who sat last year on the outside getting his first chance to earn some playing time. houston has the potential to have some impact as a pass rusher.

Linebacker (3-4)

The Huskies are solid at linebacker and are currently looking good on the recruiting front. Richardson from O'Dea is listed as S/LB prospect and was injures a good part of the season last year. Tough to tell where he will end up, but I am betting Safety. The Huskies are also in on some very good kids from California. If you read Dawgman you realize that the Huskies are close to getting commitments from a number of top California LB's and are actually being a bit choosy at this point as they try to settle on the three they are going to take over the next few weeks. Erskine from San Diego, Cooper from Oakland head the early list. With plenty of depth the Huskies don't need to consider JC's here and should end up with a very solid class to build with based on who currently is listed with a high interest. The West coast is deep in linebackers this year so Washington will have a great class.


prrbrr said...

Johnb, normally I don't have a must get wish list for recruits as I believe this staff will and have done their homework in evaluation. I will confess however to wanting Schilling, Mays; and Marcus Williams in BBall and Matt Tui and Grady Sizemore in fball a few years back. That said, I would hope if there are a few schollies left, that we offer Eric Block as a safety,and possibly the JC/Army kid Tony Fein and make him a safety also, we could use the depth there. These two backyard kids to me really want to be Huskies and appear talented enough to play at this level. Must get, NO but nice to have Yes.

Health Insurance Expert said...

I like the backyard kids. I am not sure how Block is going to do at the next level and think he is more of a tweener. He may get an offer if some of the California kids we are in on flake out, but at this point it looks like they are many on the list ahead of him. He does have that certain something. I saw him play as a sophmore against my nephew who was the QB for O'Dea in the championship game and thought he was pretty impressive.

Fein however is a kid I would like to see offered, problem is he has two years to play and we already have that position filled. He is a MLB type, and we are pretty deep there.