Monday, December 04, 2006

Special Teams

The last srea we are going to look at is special teams. UW special teams haven't been special in quite awhile and Coach Simmons has taken some heat for it. What are the the Huskies going to do to shore up this area?

Punter (1)

The Huskies are in on a couple of punters to replace Sean Douglas. Douglas had a strong leg but he didn't get kicks off very fast so he was blocked more than he should have been. He also didn't have great control outkicking coverage and placing inside the redzone. Still he was one of the better punters in Husky history. Ryan Perkins knee injury may keep him out of the fray this year.

Placekicker (1)

The Dawgs signed Kevin Folk to replace Mike Braunstein who was asked not to return to the squad. Folk is one of the best HS kickers in the country.

Return Men (3)

You don't really see a true return man on the current roster with the graduation of Marlon Wood. Vonzell McDowell from Rainier Beach is going to get a look along with one of the speed running backs we pick up. Shaw from Stockton would plug a hole for example.


When you bring in a class close to thirty athletes you are going to find some kids that can plug some holes and make the coverage look better. Washington on a whole lacked speed, balance, and depth last year, this class should help fill that in and make Coach Simmon's look better over the next two years.

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