Monday, December 04, 2006

Huskies 87 Southern Utah 72

The Huskies are tuning up for Gonzaga by playing one of their strongest halves of the season leading 49-37 at the half. Ryan Appleby has been on fire leading all scorers with 21 on 8-9 shooting and hitting 5 of six three pointers. Nelson follows with 10, Dentmon 7, and Hawes 6. Brockman has only 1 point but has grabbed five rebounds. The Huskies are shooting 55% from the field and 50% from three point range. It has been a cleaner offensive half with only 9 Husky turnovers so far. 31 of Washington's 49 points have come from the bench tonight. Adrian Oliver started again tonight but only played eight minutes making way for the scorching Appleby.

Huskies lead 73-61 with under ten minutes left to go. Southern Utah is scrappy and has been hanging close not allowing the Huskies to break it open. Spencer Hawes now has 16 points for the evening with 10 coming since intermission.

Under four minutes to go and Washington holds a 82-68 lead and is now shooting in the bonus and is ready to put this one away. Spencer has 19 points in 19 out Gonzaga for Spencer.

Huskies coast to the win tonight over Southern Utah 87-72. Dawgs are led by Appleby with 24, 21 in the first half, Hawes 21, 15 in the second half. Pondexter had a quiet 12/ Justin Dentmon added 11 points, and 11 assists. Nelson put in 10, all in the first half, Brockman chips in 7, and adds 12 boards. The Huskies turned the ball over 21 times tonight and need to start controlling the ball better as they make a dramatic step up in competition before Christmas. The Dawg's shot a scorching 58% from the field tonight, but were only 8-19 from the line.

Washington's only loss came with 1:13 left when Justin Dentmon landed awkwardly on his left leg. A trainer and teammate helped the sophomore point guard to the bench, while a wincing Dentmon kept his leg locked ominously at the knee. This isn't good news coupled with Harvey Perry's departure from the team this past weekend. Will update you in the morning with the severity of the injury.


prrbrr said...

Things are starting to shake out as far as lineups. I like Appleby coming off the bench as a scorer and zone buster. Glad to see Dentmon was able to get the ball inside to Hawes, however 21 turnovers will not cut it against the zags, LSU or any team in the PAC10. Like typical Romar teams, there is always someone different each night showing up to carry the load. Harvey Perry isn't very bright for leaving early, but its probably best as he would have been a cancer in the team chemistry.

hairofthedawg said...

I woke up at whatever time it was and KJR had it on the radio. I was a little surprised, both at that fact and at the slow start. I wonder whether it was being too psyched for a good opponent or youth. I'm not complaining with the result though and it was especially nice to see Hawes show his potential. You're right about a different guy every night and I'll add that what's more important than that is the guys who don't have the hot hand, or are being shut down, are still taking care of the other aspects of their games. Damn, I write some long sentences...

Health Insurance Expert said...

Dentmon is fine, he was just suffering from cramps.

Harvey Perry is still at the end of the bench, and he will be at the end of the bench for the rest of the quarter cheering the team on. Harvey's parting was positive and mutual....he just wants more playing time, and he wasn't going to get it here. I agree he wasn't very bright for leaving, things do change, but he is on good terms with everyone in the program.

Harvey isn't your average freshman, he is 21 years old so he felt the urge to move on and find some playing time.