Saturday, December 09, 2006

Gonzaga Stomps Huskies 97-77

Mark Few commented if we lost seven of the last eight games, I'd probably look to get rid of that team. Gonzaga made it eight out of the last nine outclassing Washington at home in probably the last UW appearance at the Kennel in Spokane. Tonight's outcome was the result of a battle hardened, experienced team playing at home against a talented, but inexperienced team that had played a bunch of nobodies up to this point. Washington as expected despite the higher ranking wasn't ready for what Gonzaga had to throw at them this evening. Gonzaga commanded from the tip, and kept at least a double digit cushion throughout the game. The teams traded baskets for much of the second half until the Zag's pulled away for good during the last ten minutes.

There weren't many highlights for Washington tonight, they were simply outplayed, and outcoached from the get go. Did the outcome surprise me? Actually it didn't at all, playing a progression of cupcakes wasn't going to get UW ready for this one, and in the scheme of things all this loss does is help the huskies down the road. For the Zag's it seems that they are going to be extremely good once Micah Downs rejoins the team later in the month. Imagine these guys with Downs, we got off easy.

The Bulldogs were led by Derek Raivio who scored 17 of his 25 points in the first half, and Matt Bouldin who chipped in 21 in his first start. Spencer Hawes added 20 for the Dawgs. Juston Dentmon was eaten up and down the court tonight turning in his worst effort as a Dawg. He didn't start tonight as the Dawgs went with three forwards, and he came in to only shoot 2-14. The Washington bench which had done so well this season only chipped in 12 points tonight. The Dawg's only shot 43% overall. Washington did ok in the front court, but it was the ball handling of Gonzaga, and the lackluster play by our guards that did us in.

Erickson moves on to ASU

Dennis Erickson accepted the head coaching job at ASU this evening. It is a big hire for the Sun Devils who finally will get a coach who knows how to use the talent they have on their roster. Erickson can also recruit pretty well. You can be sure that Yarber, and Lappano will get phone calls soliciting interest in following Dennis to the desert. While Idaho is disappointed, they shouldn't be surprised if they actually thought Erickson would pass on another Pac Ten job. It is back to the drawing board in Moscow. Erickson will do well in Tempe.

Volleyball team heads back to the Final Four

Washington won it's 31st consecutive home match beating favored Penn State 3-1. The streak dates back to 2004, the Huskies (29-4) advance to their third consecutive NCAA Final Four next Thursday in Omaha, Nebraska. The Huskies will square off Stanford, Nebraska, and the winner of the UCLA/Hawaii game later tonight.

Football Recruiting Reports

Pop by the Dawgman chatroom early tomorrow evening to find out who verbaled over the weekend. It will be interesting to see how Washington closes this weekend. I would like to see at least 4-5 new ones this week. Keep your fingers crossed!


prrbrr said...

Yes congrats to the Vball team. The final 4 looks tough with 3/4 PAC10. Hope the girls can do the hard thing and repeat. I was amazed by the posters at Dman who were shocked by results of GU. Like you said, young versus seasoned team, we have a long way to go, but fortunately, you can teach talent, and this team is very talented. Didn't realize Justin Dentmon didn't start, wonder if that affected his motivation when he got in, so who started at G; Apples and Oliver? Another pretty good showing on the football recruiting front so far. Slots are filling up fast and candidates are starting to become scarcer. Really wish we would have explained to Barbosa why no offer, but its not too late to correct that with a phone call (we are full/waiting on another/you r next etc). Still need 5 OL/DL plus 3 S/CB to round out this class. Not bad considering our record the past few years. JohnB, you once said Chris Tormey wanted another chance, do you think he would go back to Idaho as HC? It could be a graveyard for whomever because of BSU success and jump to Div 1A. Lappano also could be a candidate there (alum). Hope Yarber and Lappano decide to cut the apron strings with DE and stay at UW. We need coaching stability. Love my new computer/ broadband/ wireless etc plus new LCD TV. Christmas came early and we got what we wanted.

Health Insurance Expert said...

Dentmon didn't start because Romar was fooling around with initial matchups. We started 3 forwards and Oliver was the lone guard.They didn't work too well and Dentmon was never in sync coming off the bench. The achilles heal of this team is the inexperience at guard. Sure Appleby isn't a newcomer, but he is at best a sharpshooter, not a defender. Defense of course will improve. We took kids like Brandon Roy, and Bobby Jones for granted on D. Those skill don't come overnight.

Not sure what to think about Barbosa, but plenty of kids are tripped each year as fall backs so it isn't unusual, what was unusual were his comments which are not in sync with any other recruits experience over the past three years.

Frankly we have higher rated LB's with excellent interest still on the board so I wasn't surprised that they are making him wait for an offer that may not come.

Tormey at Idaho?

Tough to say, I am sure Idaho would be interested, but like Erickson he wouldn't stay if offered another job. For Tormey it could be a way to get back on track. Idaho is now in the WAC so it is a much better job than when he left. As you remember they were in the Sunbelt when he was head man.

Lappano? He isn't going anywhere.

Yarber? Being a Vandal alum he could have a shot if he wants it. I would be more worried about him heading to ASU, but Cozzetto is going to be the OC down there, so any move would be lateral.

Is Idaho a graveyard or a cradle of coaches? Most people who coach at Idaho move on to much greater success so the cradle label still works in my opinion for the right coach. Holt, and Cable were mistakes who shouldn't have been considered. Idaho needs to look to the Big Sky for a guy on his way up who spend 3-4 year there. They also need to pay more money if they expect someone to stay.

Which LCD did you buy, and what size is it?

prrbrr said...

Thanks for the insight on Tormey, Yarber and Lappano. I also hope Yarber stays, he is key to recruiting. So Cozzetto is going to be the OC, hope he has acquired a few more people skillls since he departed us. I do think DE will be a winner very shortly at ASU.