Thursday, November 30, 2006

You want the true scoop? Subscribe to Dawgman!

You want the true scoop on recruiting? Subscribe to Dawgman. Dave, Kim, Scott, and Chris are the only internet source you need for the latest in Husky recruiting news. I have been a subscriber since they have started, and every year they get better!

We will be covering recruiting over here a bit, but from more of an analytical point of view once things become public in the newspapers. The current series we are running is basically put together to preview who is coming back, and what we expect the Huskies to go for this second season. There is a lot of good info here, but if you want to be an up to the minute insider subscribe to the ultimate source for Husky information on the internet

There is only one true source for Husky recruiting news, and that is!


hairofthedawg said...

Couldn't agree with this statement more!! I've done many stupid things over the course of my life but the one I most regret is helping a certain website get started. I truly and deeply apologize to all Husky fans for my naive part in that. Not much else I can say except that once I saw the light, I've been a loyal dawgman subscriber. Hope you'll forgive me...



Health Insurance Expert said...

That particular website causes our coaches a lot of extra work each recruiting season and has actually cost us some key recruits over the years by badgering PSA's.

prrbrr said...

Me too, (penalty for piling on.) I actually stumbled on to Dawgamn back in the mid 90s and its the best. I hadn't even heard of the other psycho site until 2-3 years ago, but have never gone there. I love what Dawgman has done, and only wish the posters could be more civil and take things less personally. The use of their emoticons would help many of the regulars who think everybody can see their smirks, tongue in cheek mannerisms or know their personality. I was worried that they had beaten Fleenor off the stage much like they drove off Husky Dodger/Claus, but I noticed he is back posting as a great source of info. Communication is still the key

Health Insurance Expert said...

When the internet started I had just moved from Seattle to Nashville. It was pretty tough to get info, and I remember paying a lot to listen to games on the telephone, having my mom send me the sports page on Sunday, and going to sportsbars to watch games when they were on TV via satelite.

As time went on the games started being broadcast on the internet, then I signed up for direct TV which really helped along with the online editions of the local newspapers.

The first Husky recruiting site was actually run by a kid from Linfield college in Oregon. It was a lot less sophisticated than the blog I have now with no posting, and no chat...over time it went away and I found Dawgman when it first started and have been with them ever since.

Over time I have become good friends with those guys and even hung out with them when they came to Chicago for the Notre Dame game. One thing comes to mind when I think of Dave, Chris, Kim, and Scott....integrity...they always were ahead of the game integrity wise.