Thursday, February 22, 2007

Huskies Stink It Up

Pretty dissapointing tonight as the Huskies stunk it up once again on the road against one of the worst teams on the West Coast, the Oregon State Beaver's. If there was any doubt before tonight, there isn't anymore, this isn't a good team despite the talent on board, and they don't deserve to hit the Big Dance unless they win the Pac Ten Tourney which just isn't going to happen for these guys.

The Beavers entered the game two losses away from becoming the first Oregon State squad to lose 20 games since 2000-01. The Beavers had 14 steals, with four apiece from Tarver and Washington, and shot 42 free throws.

The Beavers led 9-2 and 14-8 before the Huskies made a run toward the end of the half, taking their first lead at 20-18 on back-to-back scores from Hawes. The Beavers led 24-22 at halftime after Tarver's buzzer-beating 3-pointer.

Oregon State made just 4 of 12 free throws in the first half and were outrebounded 23-12.

The Beavers' started quickly after the half. Oregon State's lead went to nine points on Jack McGillis catch-and-shoot 3, 11 on an alley-oop from Tarver to Jones, and then 13 on McGillis' fast-break layup off a steal to make it 44-31 with 9:13 left.

Brockman made two free throws for the Huskies but Jones countered with a 3 to push the lead to 14. That proved too big a deficit for Washington to recover from, and it got no closer than six points.


prrbrr said...

HIE, couldn't agree with you more. For such a talented team that looked like they were turning the corner, I was truly torqued at their play. The freshmaen still play this late in season like freshmen, QP still out of control, Nelson has disappeared, oliver is doing ok, and Hawes I maintain still needs a year to bulk up and play the post without being moved easily. Our probelm lies in the point, not sure if I am ready to give up on JD but he truly exasperates me lately. The team after saying all week long that they know the mode has changed then comes out and plays Rat Ball for the opening minutes. QP and JD drive the lane out of control. Didn't help that Apples and everybody else couldn't buy an open 3 shot, plus the great inability once again to get the ball into the bigs. Most of Brock and Hawes points came on putbacks. Has anyone else noticed our inbounds passes are an adventure just trying to get the ball in bounds from under your basket. Oh well, thanks for letting me vent. On the plus side, got my tickets to the PAC 10 tourney yesterday, look like good seats, too bad it won't be for all 4 days of the tourney. Unless this team gets their mental aspects of the game together and start playing their roles, I will be home by day 2, 3 if I am lucky.

Health Insurance Expert said...

Like I said in an earlier post, this team reminds me a little of Marv's last couple of teams when he couldn't recruit a PG. Of course he had Detlef to make up for it, and an older supporting cast.

Brandon Roy did the same stuff last year, it is nice to have a ballhandling swing guy. Pondexter is not Brandon Roy.

The only way out of this is to recruit a PG, and that will have to be done after the season from the JC ranks, since the PG Romar recruited for next year won't qualify for another year.

Another year of experience, with an added ball handler, and you have a team that can get near it's potential.

I don't understand the rat ball, doesn't Romar have control over the tempo these guy's play at? To me they look undisciplined. But hey, it's not like Romar forgot to coach.

Health Insurance Expert said...

On Dentmon, I think he is fine as a shooting guard. I like his skills, and he drives, and runs well. This is his second year at the point, and he just doesn't get enough help from the other players to make up for his lack of skill distributing the ball. Put him with a real PG and he will shine.

Health Insurance Expert said...

One more thing while I am ranting...Appleby is way too slow, what a liability...the fact that they ran off a guy that could have helped,...Harvey Perry blows my mind.

prrbrr said...

Did they run Perry off, or was he like so many kids, over enamored with his abilities and perceived role on the team. I think he would have helped, but I also think he made a bad personal decision, esp after RSing after prep school, to transfer in mid season to Idaho. Apples is a liability on defense, no question, and lately, ever since the 3 airballs against WSU, has lost his confidence in his stroke at crunch time. I don't think there is room for a JC point guard, as I count we may already be overfull, esp if Hawes, (and he should) comes back for one more year. My reasoning on the #s, only Gasser leaves this year, plus Perrys. believe we already have 2 or 3 commits, Matthew Bryan Amaning, Justin Holiday and (cant remember)? The following year, we will gain Apples and Joel Smiths scholly, hopefully to give to JRue holiday, plus Hawes will be ready to leave for the NBA, so 3 to give 2 years from now.