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Recruiting History Lesson 2004-2005-2006

This was Gilby's only recruiting class, and you can also give a lot of credit to Rick Neuheisel who basically had it set up before he was fired. On paper it was a very good class,rated higher than the 2007 class, but once again it has proven to be full of busts and disapointment. Overall this class has been a disaster. I don't blame this class on Rick who was fired in June, he was off to a decent start, and any chance of bringing in some out of state flash ended when he left. Gilby made a huge mistake by putting all his chips with Tui. The jury is still out on Bulyca and Bush, this is an important Spring for those two guys if they ever want to play, same can be said for Lobos. JWF has the ability to play on Sundays, but injuries the last two years haven't let him play on Saturday. He could really help in 2007 if he can get healthy.

QB Tuiasosopo....Never set foot on campus and signed with the M's... Ouch!
TB Kirton....Came on the scene late and is a promising TE.
FB Kravitz....A legacy that hasn't played much yet.
OL Bulyca....Hasn't broken the depth
OL Flowers....The best potential OL in the class was a casualty to grades.
OL Ashby....Quit after first fall.
OL O'Connor....Will probably never play a down.
OL Bush....Hasn't broken the depth

DT Lobos....In the rotation when healthy but unimpressive so far.
DT Henry....Never played due to injury
DT White-Frisbee....Injuries have kept him out for two years.
DE Rayford....Was never able to put on any weight.
DE Goodrum....Sat out, and went to USC instead
DE Gunheim....Will go out as a three year starter.
LB Winter....The Star ratings do lie, Walt was perhaps quite overated.
LB T.Tuiasosopo....Injuried robbed him of some of his promise.
LB Howell....Very solid player heading into his senior year.
CB Okeobor....Evaluated well on Josh, but two knee injuries killed his career.
S Harris....Injuries may force him to retire.
S Goldson....Ended up at CB and elevated the play of the defense.
S Sanders....Flunked out of school
S Forrester....Will start next season.
S Bankhead....Never made it in.

2005 was Ty's first class and it was smaller than it needed to be as he wanted to save the ammo for 2006. While very small it has contributed ok so far. The major failure of this class was the two transfers at DB who were not able to get in. The lack of depth at DB during the season was a huge factor in the lack of success next years team had. The loss of Handy, and Freeman probably cost us 2-3 games.

QB Durocher...Played some spot duty before being cut down by a brain tumor.
RB Hasty....Has never set a foot in a game because of academics, but had an impressive year as a RS on the scout team.
TE Williams....Mired in the depth, we will see in 2007.
WR Wood....Had some good moments as a deep threat and return man.
OL Rosborough....A good bet to start in 2007, or be in the rotation.
OL Ossai....Will be a 4 year Starter

DL Te'o Neshiem....Will be a 4 year starter.
DE Mason....Did not Qualify
DE Jones....Saw playing time early. Redhirted his second year to gain weight for DE.
LB Savannah....Will start in 2007.
LB Stevens....will start in 2007, and has played a lot the past two years.
CB Handy...Did not qualify
CB Freeman....Did not qualify and went to Arizona.
K Perkins....Freak knee injury

The 2006 class was the first time Ty had a realistic shot at putting together a recruiting class at UW. It was rated in the mid 30's, and like any new class is pretty tough to evaluate after only one year, but we will take a shot. This class had the best balance of the decade so far. Ty screwed up by recruiting only one RB, and that was James Montgomery who bolted at the last minute to Cal. He did make up for it in the Fall by bringing in Texas Transfer Michael Houston. Houston of course screwed the pooch during a trip to Rick's in Lake City, however he is expected back in the Fall.

The 2006 class is probably better than it was actually rated. It looks like we have more potential contributors in this class than most of the decades classes. Once again it is still early, but the guys in bold will definitely see the field this year. Expect a few more guys to pop in and contend for playing time such as Habben, Houston, Mason, Atkins, and Murchison. If those guys compete for time this year and contribute you have a pretty good class overall that is better than most of the classes of the decade.

QB Locker....Will start in 2007.
FB Homer....Will Start in 2007.
RB Houston....Will start or be in the 3 back rotation in 2007.
RB/WR Leilyon Myers....Never made it in
WR D'Andre Goodwin....Will start or be in the rotation in 2007, expect good things.
WR Marcel Reese....Will start in 2007.
OL Ryan Toler....Will start in 2007.
OL Aaron Mason....Arrived late and has two more years to play after a RS year.
OL Matt Sedillo....Plan B guy who is still developing.
Snapper Danny Morovick....Will letter all four years as a specialist.
OL Cody Habben....Still developing and will vie for time in the rotation in 2007.
OL Brandon Jefferson....Never made it in

DT Cameron Elisara....Will be in the rotation and might start this year.
DE Deshon Matthews....Early reviews are good on this kid. Will contend for a spot in the rotation in 2007 at a position with plenty of depth.
DT Derek Kosub....Needs another year to develop but the coaches like his potential.
DE Anthony Atkins....Redshirted last year after being late, and out of shape. Should be in the rotation if they didn't miss on him.
LB Donald Butler....Will be a four year starter.
LB Matt Houston....Redshirted last season
CB Jordan Murchison....Redshirted last season because of chronic knee problem.
CB Matt Mosley....Will compete for the starting job in 2007, at the least will be the 3rd CB.
S Ashley Palmer....Never made it in.
S Jason Wells...Will start all three years he is here, nice talent.
S Jake Merrill....Quit during first week.

Tomorrow we will unveil, and try to evaluate the 2007 Husky recruiting class, and I will explain to you why I feel it is much better than any class we have had at Washington this decade.

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