Monday, February 26, 2007

Huskies take care of PG problem (Update)

Washington took a step today toward filling the gaping hole at point guard by getting a verbal from former USC commit Venoy Overton.

Overton averaged 21.7 points, and 5.7 assists this year for Franklin, which is 21-2 and the top-ranked 4A team in the state.

UW was always Overton's first choice, but when UW passed on him this Fall he verbaled to USC, but did not sign a letter because of eligibility issues that are now resolved.

Here is the story from Bob Condotta of the Times.

Romar realized what we all have and that this team won't go anywhere next year unless they can find someone to direct traffic and handle the ball.

Now the question is who is going to go off scholarship, or leave the team to make room for Overton?


In the papers today they went over what the likely options were to make room for Overton.

1. Hawes elects for NBA Draft. (At this point that looks very unlikely, he likes school, but you never know)

2. One of the incoming Freshmen might not make it in. (Gant is the recruit mentioned)

3. One of the roster member could transfer. (We were surprised when Henry transferred, you just never know who might want to drop down a level. I have heard some names bounced around Dawgman.)

4. A player could go off scholarship. (Hans Gasser who graduates this year was a candidate to do that during his career, but the numbers worked out. Maybe a fifth year member of the squad will volunteer.)

More on Overton

The reports coming out on Overton are good. He has good defensive skills which should be able to get him immediate playing time. Tim Floyd at USC brought in one of the top classes in the country, and he wanted Overton, that tells you something right there. Another description we heard over, over was hard worker. So it looks like the Huskies filled a need with a local kid who wants to be the next Will Conroy. Conroy of course was a strong four year player who was one of the better point guards we have ever had. He used to eat Aaron Brooks for lunch. We need that type of player on the roster.


prrbrr said...

This is good, local kid who is and wants to be a point. Also was smart enough to realize that play time at USC might have been in doubt. Hope he is the next Will Conroy. It will be interesting the next six months on who leaves, doesn't qualify, or transfers. We signed up for the LUNCH WITH LORENZO this friday 2 Mar at 1200. Originally it was going to be held at the Don James center but due to not getting the response they wanted (70 versus 200), it is now going to be held in the founders club. Hopefully, Lorenzo will say something about the numbers since I think like football, he can't comment on Overton until the LOI is in. Anyway, my wife and i are looking forward to it. Retirement is great as I can finally do and go to these functions plus the games.

Health Insurance Expert said...

Let us all know what Lorenzo has to say at lunch, it should be interesting because he is pretty open with the fan's, and media.

Let's just say this, he wouldn't have signed Overton if he didn't think he would have a place for him.

hairofthedawg said...

Ditto on the lunch remarks and hit him up for as much info on the trip to Greece as he'll give if you're able. I'd really love to make that trip.

I enjoyed what your last paragraph had to say about Overton JB, especially if it proves true. He'll make it if he can convert what almost sounds like a chip on his shoulder into a positive force. Some of our players seem almost timid and a little attitude will be nice to see.