Monday, February 26, 2007

The Monday Morning Wash

Dan Raley has a great article in the PI this morning on the Husky Basketball team that is worth a read if you have the time. The meat of the article is about what we have discussed most of the season and that is the Huskies have not developed into a cohesive unit this season mostly because they do not have a guy that can handle the rock.

There is another problem, and despite all the talent Romar has assembled there isn't a leader out there on the court either at this point. Many of course will point to Brockman who works as hard as any player in the country, but Jon's role is the enforcer, not the guy that takes control of the temp of a game every single night.

UW has another excellent recruiting class coming in next season, but the one thing it is lacking is a point guard. Even Thomas, who we have to wait a year for, and seems to be a Nate clone may not be a true point guard. For UW to continue to grow they need to get a passer, and rythym setter on the court, and with a full roster coming in the next two years Romar is going to have to be very creative to get it done.

Up this week are games at home against USC, and UCLA, two teams who have the potential to make a lot of noise in the tournament. While UW is likely NIT bound they need to play hard and try to head into the Pac Ten tournament on a positive note. A couple of wins at home over the school's from LA would be nice way to finish the regular season.

The thing these young Huskies need to learn is the season isn't over yet. Win the Pac Ten Tourney and you are Cinderella all over again. Even if that faint dream isn't realized extra games in the NIT are a plus for a team struggling to find it's identity.

Huskies Close on New Wide Receiver Coach?

Nothing official yet from the newspapers, Dawgman, or the Official UW site, but longtime Willingham friend Charlie Baggett seems to be the choice as the new WR coach. If the rumors prove true it is a great hire that will add more stability to the staff. Yarber brought a lot to the table, but Baggett actually has the more impressive resume which should appeal to recruits. Yarber had one advantage, he was a West Coast guy with excellent tie's in the inner city of Los Angeles.

Daugherty on her way out?

Steve Kelley in the Times talks about the current status of June Daugherty. Look's like Turner wants to ratchet up the womens basketball program which is a good idea since it has proven in the past it can draw a crowd when the program is hot. One problem under June has been the loss of local athletes to other school's in the Pac Ten, she hasn't been able to put a fence around the state. Daugherty has a lot of respect around the country, and if Washington cut's her loose she will be coaching somewhere next Fall. However if Turner does cut her loose he is going to have to pick a coach with higher profile, and pricetag to get the results he is looking for.


prrbrr said...

HIE, I have not been a fan of June's teams. The article hit home because i did like the way Gobrecht's teams played, and my big criticism of June is the failure to keep the home town talent home. Yet, June has had a pretty good record, just not annual championship challenging. This may be where we end up with TW in a few years, is OK good enough at UW. Two articles that bothered me these last two days. The first is Fetters saying that the new AD at Oregon snubbed the WSU players during introductions at their game. If this is what to expect from the leaders at a university, then they really are dirt bags. Would be interested to hear Michael wine's take on this incident, if true. The second article that bothered me was McGrath's in the Tacoma News tribune, where he implies Appleby was at fault for the problems in the Oregon game by refusing to forgive Brooks. That was crap and I commented to that effect on his article. Take a look and let me know what you think, there in no room for these deep seated hatreds and obvious snubbings (esp by your senior leaders of a university)in college ball. Are we all turning into Oakland Raiders mental makeup?

Health Insurance Expert said...

The US Constitution was always pretty clear about the seperation of church, and state.

The same should be true of prominent boosters, and athletic departments.

I think Oregon made a mistake, and this guy is going to rub people at the NCAA in the wrong way simply because he has a big ego, and no prior experience with working in a very political job.

I don't think he has any idea of what he is getting in to.

Everytime he does something like that I applaud because it is another day closer to the day when Oregon ends up on probation.

I think Appleby could have shook his hand, but I am not Appleby. I think it was a personal decision, and was fine with it either way. What Brooks did was pretty terrible. I don't think he is a bad kid, he just made a mistake.

Overall hatred, and snubbing serve no purpose. What works for me is winning, and winning clean.

hairofthedawg said...

pb, I agree with your views about the women's bball team, just good enough to keep the wolves at bay, and also that that is possibly where we'll end up with TW. I hope not because OK isn't good enough, but OK can be broadly defined. For me, still working on an 11 game schedule, 7-4, OK, 8 or 9 wins good, anything more is where I want the team to be.

As far as Brooks/Appleby, I'd be interested to hear Mike's opinion as well, both on that and on the AD. For some reason the AD's snub brought to mind Mark Cuban, whose antics I enjoy for the most part, but the UO AD is in the college game, and I don't think that immaturity and a view of owning an athletic department will fly with the NCAA. I think Appleby did what he felt was right, and there's no way I will do anything other than applaud him for that. Brooks tried to do what he felt was the same and gets similar respect, but they disagree. It happens. I'm biased, although trying hard not to be.

Another thing that bugged me while watching the game was hearing "fish taco" chanted. I first thought of Kent, then Brockman due to the recent article about his moral values and then decided I didn't know to what they were referring? Any guesses?

Finally moved in and links to photos are finally posted at Thanks HIE, for suggesting patience with blogger.

prrbrr said...

Hair, went over and looked at your photos. Too bad you cant pick up that view and move it back here to the states, you would be a multimillionaire, worth more than the new Oreg AD. I always remembered the beaches at Mersin, Turkia just across the water from you and how beautiful they were. I wonder if they have been developed by now after some 36 years since I was at the Lik. It was funny tho to hear about the electrical power, glad some things never change. We had to have a whole house large transformer plus smaller ones just to try to regulate the power and keep from burning up refrigerators, hair dryers etc. I seem to remember our voltage fluctuated anywhere from 90 to 140 volts depending on the time of day. That probably wouldn't work for todays computers. Leave in two days for SEA to watch the young uns take on USC and UCLA, then next week to the PAC 10 tourney here in SoCal. Got really good seats this year, but my wife has an ORI at Edwards that week so the Dawgs are going to have to make it to friday night if she wants to see a game. My brother is very happy though. Keep up the good work, Merhaba or are you in the greek area.

hairofthedawg said...

I'm on the Greek side, the southeast coastline and yeah, the view is very nice. My only regret is that there's not a pool around here. Pretending to be a lifeguard while reading a book was a favorite pastime of mine at my old place.

Our voltage here is generally 240 but some people have lost equipment because their house is hot. I always check mine before plugging in. My biggest problem is the way things are grounded(or not) over here. I jumped a few times when surprised by low voltage on some equipment's cases.

Edward huh? I was there from 87-90 with the MC-130H test team. It's not as bad a place as some make it out to be.