Sunday, February 11, 2007

UW 64 Stanford 52

Stanford visits Hec Ed tonight for a nationally televised Sunday night game. Washington once again has it's proverbial back up against the wall as they face the Cardinal. Every game is shaping up like a must win for the Huskies at this point.

Pretty even game so far as advertised, Huskies lead 16-14 with 13 minutes left in the first half. Huskies are showing the same toughness they exhibited against Cal. 9:08 left in the first half and it is 18-16 UW in physical game.

4:25 left in the first half and Washington still holds a 25-23 lead in a meat grinder of a game so far. The story of the game so far is Brockman and Pondexter who have 11, and 8 points respectively. 34-32 Washington at the half. Spencer started for the first time, in some time, looks pretty good, but UW hasn't gotten the ball enough in his hands in the first half.

16:28 left in this one and Washington still leads 38-35, tough game as Washington has controlled it most of the way, but hasn't had more than five point lead. The team that goes on the next run should own this one. 14:52 and Washington still leads 39-35....this one is a battle.

12:14 left and Washington has equaled it's largest lead of the game 41-36. Huskies move it out to seven point lead, 43 -36, so they are taking initiative on the needed run I mentioned earlier with 11:28 left. Down to 9:37 and the Huskies are methodically pulling away leading 46-36. Spence has 14 on the game to now lead the Huskies. Only 18 total points have been scored in the second half with only 7:49 left. 49-38 with 7 minutes left, Stanford has gone cold, all you can hear is the clanking of the rim. UW goes to the line as Stanford enters the penalty...6:30 left as Washington's defense has shown up this evening. Dentmon hit one, at the line, misses the next, but Spencer grabs a big offensive rebound.

Hawes hits jumper and now Washington is truly pulling away up by 16, 54-38 with 4:10 left. 4 minutes left in this one and Washington leads 56-41 with 4 minutes left. It will take a miracle for Stanford to get back in this one. Redemption game for Spencer who has 16 in this one and has owned the second half.

62-43 on a Spencer Hawes tip in....bring out your forks and stick them in the Tree with 2:20 left in this one. Brockman has 10 rebounds so far tonight.

Washington wins a big one tonight and sweeps the Bay area series at home with a 64-52 win over the the #25 Cardinal. the hero of the day was defense as Washington finally figured out that you don't beat teams by running with them, you beat them by slowing them down, and making them play to your tempo. Spencer finished with 18 points, and more importantly 7 rebounds.

The Lopez twins combined for 29 points in Stanford's 78-77 win over Washington on Jan. 11. But they managed just 13 quiet points combined, each on 3-for-6 shooting. You can say Brockman and Hawes got the last laugh in the series.

Washington (16-8, 6-7 Pac-10) kept its flickering NCAA tournament hopes alive by winning for the fifth time in six games. Next up is Washington State on Wednesday in what appears to be another must win situation for the Huskies. If the Huskies can pull out a win over WSU they will be officially back on the bubble. A win on the road at Pittsburgh, and a sweep in Oregon is a necessity it seems, but the Duck's are slumping in the second half so it is a winnable game. (We said that about Arizona too!)

Following that USC, and UCLA invade Seattle, and as we know, anything is possible for this team at home at Hec Ed. The season is definitely on CPR, but UW still controls it's own destiny after this weekend.

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