Thursday, February 08, 2007

UW beats up Cal 79-71

We are a few minutes from tipoff of this pivotal conference matchup. Once again it is must win time for UW.

Over in Pullman, Stanford is up 16-14 with 7:40 left in the first half. A close low scoring game means WSU is controlling the tempo which bodes well for the Cougars.

It should be a very competitive game at Hec Ed tonight as both teams are in a must win situation. 15:30 left in the first half and it is tied 8-8. Appleby hits a 3 off a screen and that is good sign because he is a streaky shooter, 11-8 Washington as Cal takes a time out.

Arizona St gave Oregon a lot of trouble tonight, but the Duck's prevail 55-51.

Spencer looks better tonight, he just hit a hook, he still is getting beat on the inside defensively.

Halftime at Pullman and it is 22-20 WSU.

10:52 left and it is 19-17 as both teams are beginning to trade baskets. The Huskies are handling the ball better tonight and are playing better defense. 23-22 UW with 7:30 left.

Artem Wallace just made a very nice athletic move to the hoop, and is at the foul line. You have to like the way his game is coming along. Appleby pops in another, UW 27-23.

34-29 Washington with two minutes left. Anderson is starting to heat up for California, a really good looking freshman player. Appleby is in rythym tonight with a big half so far. He has 10 on the game and has been hitting from all over the floor. Huskies are shooting 67%, but Cal is staying in the game because of turnovers. It's halftime, and UW holds 37-36.

We have now started the second half and Washington holds onto 39-36 lead with 18:00 remaining. Brockman has 12 boards tonight.

3:40 left in Pullman and the Coug's are up 44-43.

43-36 Washington with 15:05 left and Brockman at the line. Cal hasn't scored yet, and Washington is taking it to them defensively. He hits them both and UW leads by nine.

Arizona is struggling, but holding on to a lead in Corvallis against the Beavers, 47-45 with 14 minutes to go.

11:58 left with Cal at the line, UW leads by 8. This game is starting to bog down, and get physical. Brockman has been a beast tonight.

It's over in Pullman and the Cougars are the victor. The UCLA game at the end of the season in Pullman may decide the conference championship. Wazzu reaches 20 wins for first time since 1993-94.

Atrem Wallace has been solid tonight spelling Hawes, and Brockman. The Huskies aren't hitting their free throws tonight.

7:49 left and it is 56-40 Washington. Both teams have been trading baskets for awhile. The Bears have been hanging in there. Hawes just hit two on a feed from Pondexter, he is fouled and heads to the line. Pondexter has 6 assists tonight in his first start since the UCLA game. Story of the game in the second half is Washington's inside play provided by Hawes, Brockman, and Wallace. UW leads 59-50.

Cal has closed the game to a two point gap after going on a 7-0 run. Hawes is currently out of the game but expect him to return soon. 59-57 Washington with 5:28 left. Huskies answer with Brockman being pounded under the hoop, he heads to the line and hits both. 4;27 left and as Burmeister draws an offensive foul, UW up by 4 with the ball. Brockman drives for his second score in a row, is fouled, and heads to the line. UW moves out to a 66-59 lead.

Brockman has scored the last seven points for UW, has 14 rebounds, and 20 points on the night. Hawes is intentionally fouled, the Huskies shoot two, and retain the ball. Good chance for UW to put this thing away during this sequence. Hawes hits 1-2. Dentmon drives and draws a floul and heads to the line. He hits both and UW leads 69-58 with 3:00 left. Hawes put in a rebound and it is up to 12. This one is probably over with 2:25 left.

Arizona is up 66-60 with a little over a minute to go in Corvallis.

California hits a 3 to cut the lead to 71-65 with a minute to go. The Bears refuse to go away. UW is hitting their foulshots as the Bears have been putting Dentmon on the line. 75-67 with 40 ticks left.

16.7 left an Appleby is at the line with a 75-69 lead. He hits them both.

Brockman has a spectacular driving dunk to end the game. That pretty much sums it up, the Huskies inside game was too much for the Bears tonight. Spencer finished with 16 tonight. Dentmon and appleby chipped in 12 apiece. Don't forget Wallace who had 8 points and 2 rebounds, he looked good tonight.

Washington wins this one 79-71, and stays alive for the tournament. Four wins in the last five games as the Dawgs get back on track.

Arizona was able to outlast OSU tonight 72-66.

Next up is Stanford on Sunday at 5 pm, and the Huskies will be facing a much stronger presence in the middle with the Lopez twins, so they have their work cut out for them.


hairofthedawg said...

up by 7 now and fortunately Cal is making some mistakes. How many rebounds for Brockman? Seems like every other word out of Rondeau's mouth is Brockman...which isn't a bad thing. Hawes asserting himself...even better!

Health Insurance Expert said...

He had 12 last time I looked.

hairofthedawg said...

I almost hate the way I can hear the ball rolling around on the rim on this least it went in!

Health Insurance Expert said...

They put microphones in the backboard which really is pretty cool. You can also pick up the squeaking feet on the court. Just part of the flavor of listening in radio.

DCDawgfan said...

I'll take the win, but this team still makes way too many turnovers to beat very many good teams. And many of these turnovers are simply needless. What was Nelson thinking with that driving behind-the-back pass? I'll chalk it up to a young team, but poor defensive rotations left Cal with a number of completely wide open looks that thankfully they didn't hit. Brockman is an absolute beast believing that every rebound should be his, I love the way he plays.

Health Insurance Expert said...

The turnovers and sloppy ball handing really negate the good things this team does.

Appleby is purely one dimensional, and we really lose something on defense when he is in there. We need some help at guard next season.

Brockman is really fun to watch!