Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Husky Tuesday Question?

I got a comment from a friend, and reader this week that the posts, or articles on the blog were so informative, and long that it muted discussion on those topics. He made a great point, and while I still want to do posts like that on occasion, I do want to open up some dialogue by directly posing some short questions to our readers each week.

This weeks topic is about today's article in the Seattle Times about the Husky Swim Team. As you are probably aware the program which was a perennial top ten performer for many years has been on life support for some time because of the lack of training facilities. The UW is looking into building an above-ground, temporary pool at a cost of about $3 million. The facility would be similar to the one Long Beach built for the 2004 Olympic trials. Despite the obvious drawbacks Washington is still a top twenty program, and could contend for national championships if it had the right facilities.

Today's first question is.... Should Washington continue to invest in the swim program if it cannot find a way to pay for new facilities ?

(The Swimming, and Football programs both had benefactors willing to fund the entire cost of new facilities at one time during the reign of Barbara Hedges. Both opportunities were turned down by the University, and the Athletic Department. Paul Allen was turned down after an offer to rebuild Husky Stadium, and the Seahawks built a new stadium rather than utilizing Husky Stadium for another 15 years. The King County Aquatic Center which the Goodwill Games organizing committee wanted on the UW campus was built in Federal Way after UW turned that gift down.)

Today's second question is.....What exactly was Barbara Hedges smoking ?


hairofthedawg said...

I wasn't aware that the program was so prominent. I'd rather they raise rugby to varsity status, but that's just me. Women play rugby as well as men so the Title IX stuff wouldn't be affected. I found a link to the men's team, but I don't know much about, or if there is, a women's team. http://www.huskyrugby.com/

I think we'd all prefer programs that more or less pay for themselves. I guess its possible that an aquatic center could do so via use for other events as well, but that's talking about the ultimate goal, not the temporary one. If they commit to the full blown aquatic center, I'd vote yes as long as they apply the three million temporary version money in a way that's consistent with the ultimate goal. Build it as the first piece of the puzzle, not as something that is absolutely temporary in nature. That would require a lot more foresight and commitment, but if they build it and they come, cool.

But, if they just want to blow the 3 mil and expect someone to pony up even more years later, screw it.

I realize this is crude and maybe not the obvious answer, so I apologize in advance. I have no idea who, but it seems to me like she was doing her smoking beneath someone's desk.

Health Insurance Expert said...

I am a big fan of Rugby too, but to the best of my knowledge it isn't a NCAA sanctioned varsity sport anywhere in the country except at a couple of small chirporactic school's in Iowa.

The NCAA requires that at least 40 schools participate before they will sanction a championship for the sport.

There is a movement a fott to do exactly that, but it is a long way down the road.


Health Insurance Expert said...

It is only around 8 PM in Cyprus....did you hit happy hour on the way home ;)?

Have to agree with you on Hedges.

hairofthedawg said...

sort of...I go to work early, usually 4 or 5 am and I'm also moving, which, for me leads to several beer/cider breaks. Add to that the Russian guy who is taking 3 days so far to install two small satellite dishes and, well, can you blame me? I didn't think I sounded that buzzed, except for the last paragraph.

So, now it's 9pm,or close and I'm crashing to KJR. cheers...

Health Insurance Expert said...

Is it a bad thing? Of course not, I had a couple beers at lunch at the Country Club because we have near blizzard conditions today in Chicago. Job #1 is to stay warm and happy!

Health Insurance Expert said...

I thought I would chime in with my own answer and that is the swim program is a neglected jewel at UW that should be supported since there isn't any other choices in the Pacific Norhtwest as far as swim programs are concerned. No reason for these kids to head South to Stanford.

I think the temporary outdoor pool is a good idea. Temporary means that it would last at least ten years with maintenance. i imagine they would put a bubble over it like the Seahawks, and Cougars practice in.

As far as a permanent swim facility goes I think it should have major funds from the state since it is basically a low revenue type sport. I do think a decent facility could build a following and be an essential cog in the future for landing international sportings events.