Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Heart of the Game

THE HEART OF THE GAME captures the passion and energy of a Seattle high school girls' basketball team, the eccentricity of their unorthodox coach, and the incredible true story of one player's fight to play the game she loves.


This is a good DVD to view if you enjoy womens basketball.


prrbrr said...

Hie, thanks for the tip. I actually like to watch DVDs based on true inspirational themes. Chariots of Fire is one of my favorites, along with Hoosiers, Remember the Titans, the original 300 Spartans. Brians Song etc. Helps keep me more positive on sports, honor etc so I don't feel so depressed when I read some of the comments on DMan. OF course. I do not have Rudy, but did watch it once. Even I have to draw the line in the sand.

Health Insurance Expert said...

I do like Rudy, even though the movie is mostly fiction. I don't own it, but I have to admit that Iw atch it whenever it is on.