Thursday, March 22, 2007

Jim Moore Skewers Todd Turner

A lot of people over on the Dawgman board despise PI columnist Jim Moore, but I like Jim, and he is a friend of the blog despite his irritating Couginess.

If you'll recall, Dial-Tone Todd hired Paint-Dry Ty. If he uses the same criteria for the football team -- lack of fans, wins and excitement -- unless something changes drastically this season, Turner will fire Tyrone Willingham after the Huskies go to the 2007 Las Vegas Bowl.

He makes some great points, and interviews a lot of different observers, and HS coaches around the area for their opinion on what the womens basketball program needs to average around 6,000 a night and knock on the door of a national championship.

June was here 11 years, and some of her best teams got derailed by injury, and illness, she will do great in her next assignment. Still after eleven years it was time for a change if it elevates the program up to elite status.

Ted Miller talks about Todd Turner's Legacy

Tax dollars might be included in any new plan to remodel the stadium.

So it might seem bold -- or, perhaps, foolhardy -- that Turner isn't shying away from intertwining his legacy at Washington with a stadium that has been declining in roughly the same fashion as the team it houses. Turner shortly will convene an ad hoc committee that will study and then present a plan to the UW regents for the future of Husky Stadium before the end of the school year.

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